With Dr. K. Kailasanath and Detonations Research Group at IIT-K
Forman A. Williams Fire Family Tree at the 37th International Symposium on Combustion, Dublin, Ireland, 2018.


With Michael at 37th International Symposium on Combustion, Dublin, Ireland, 2018.  

With Prof. Elaine S. Oran (extreme left) and Prof. John D. Anderson (extreme right)
With Profs. Forman A. Williams (centre) and Michael J. Gollner (left)



The Stanford Research Group 

(from left to right) Prof. Hai Wang, Dr. Ajay V. Singh, Dr. Kun Wang, Dr. Chiara Saggese, Dr. Yujie Tao and Rui


The Research Group at UMD

(from left to right) Dr. Ajay V. Singh, Zhao Zhao, Brian Hall, Daniel Gorham, Prof. Michael J. Gollner, Raquel Hakes, Conor McCoy and Dr. Colin Miller



9th National Combustion Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

(from left to right) Pietro Maisto, Dr. Wei Tang, Prof. Michael J. Gollner, Dr. Ajay V. Singh and Dr. Colin Miller 


2015 Graduate Honors and Award Ceremony, University of Maryland College Park


With Prof. Hugh A. Bruck at Graduate Honors and Award Ceremony