Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Geodetic GPS surveys

GPS data capture methodologies and network establishment, GPS data processing methodologies, Errors and adjustment, Seismic and other applications.

Satellite data processing and application

Optical, microwave, and high resolution image segmentation, Image classification, Radiometric and geometric distortion modeling, Software development.

Laser scanning technology

Airborne and terrestrial data capture methodologies, Flight planning, Errors in LiDAR data, 3D laser imaging and LCS measurement, Development of LiDAR simulators, LiDAR data visualization methods and software.

Laser scanning applications

Propagation modelling using high resolution LiDAR data (sound, sun rays, GPS signal), As built mapping using terrestrial laser scanning of complex structures including heritage.

GIS applications

Innovative webGIS applications in archaeology, tourism, municipalities, land records.

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