Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Environmental Engineering:
  • Water and wastewater treatment with expertise in biological processes
  • Membrane separation; Wastewater epidemiological studies
  • Fate and transport of organic and emerging contaminants in surface and groundwater
  • Solid waste treatment, recovery, and processing
  • Ecological processes; Biodiversity modeling and conservation; and Bioremediation
  • Environmental impact assessment and Life cycle assessment
  • GIS
  • Microwave and Hyperspectral remote sensing
  • Land management and Cadastral surveying
  • Geodesy, LiDAR and Photogrammetry
Geotechnical Engineering:
  • Applied soil mechanics
  • Offshore and Environmental geotechnics
  • Instrumented tunneling and underground geotechnology
  • Monitoring and measurement of geohazards
  • Vibration of substructures and soil dynamics
Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering:
  • Analytical, numerical and experimental hydraulics
  • Surface water hydrology
  • Process based rainfall-runoff modeling
Infrastructure and Engineering Management:
  • Construction Materials
  • Construction Management
Structural Engineering:
  • Mechanics of composites and structures
  • Wind engineering
  • Construction materials
  • Fire resistance of structures
Transportation Engineering:
  • Transport demand modelling,
  • Urban mobility,
  • Cement concrete pavement analysis and design,
  • Computational approaches in pavement analysis