Mtech Admissions


About Photonics Science and Engineering Programme (PSEP)

Photonics Science and Engineering Programme (PSEP) is an inter-disciplinary PG Programme offered by the Center for Lasers and Photonics (CELP). The aim of PSEP is to train engineers/scientists in interdisciplinary activities in photonics and related areas.

The M.Tech programme runs for 4 semesters and includes both course work and a thesis component. Course work includes mandatory courses and electives that students can opt for in consultation with convener of the PSEP. Students also complete a 2 semester thesis with one of the CELP faculty as part of their M.Tech degree in cutting edge areas such as nanobiophotonics ultrafast optics and quantum optics and quantum computation to name a few

A unique part of M.Tech experience at CELP is a course on laboratory techniques that provides students with an opportunity to learn hands-on experimental skills in photonics.

Eligibility: M.Tech

Candidates with good academic record(click here for details) across all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Traditionally candidates from the following disciplines have been admitted to the programme.

B.E/B.Tech: Electronics & Communication Electronics & Telecommunication Electronics & Instrumentation Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
MSc: Physics Chemistry

GATE Disciplines: EC EE IN ME PH CHY

Please note that our largest set of applications come from EC EE and PH GATE disciplines.


Typically top hundred candidates among the received applicants are called for the interview.

Please note that interview date cannot be changed to accommodate candidates requests. However candidates can attend interviews in other departments at IITK (if they are scheduled on the same day as PSEP interviews) by notifying us in advance.


The candidates attending the interview will be provided accommodation. Details of accommodation will be provided in the interview call letter.
The list of candidates called for interview is based on GATE score. Candidates are offered admission based on their performance in interview.


There is no set syllabus for interview. Candidates are expected to be reasonably sound in the areas of their basic degree (B.E/B.Tech/MSc). Please note that we do NOT answer queries related to syllabus.