The workshop brought together researchers from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India (IITM), Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, Chennai, India (IITK), Dublin City University, Dublin, Ireland (DCU) and Optics Research Centre, University of Southampton, UK (ORC).


The event preceded with the latest developments in high speed and ultrafast photonic interactions and processes in systems from atomic ensembles to devices.


Event provided a valuable opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed environment, to create synergies and to establish and schedule new secondments between DCU, ORC, IITK and IITM.


Topics of Interest in Workshop

  • Optical Signal Processing and Generation

Wavelength conversion, clock recovery function, ultrafast processing of advanced modulation format signals, THz signal generation from non-linear materials and cognate areas of research and innovation.


  • Optical Materials

Silicon optical waveguides and silicon nanocrystal embedded optical waveguides, inorganic-organic hybrid interfaces and metal-dielectric photonic architectures, nonlinearity in polymers/suitable matrix, nanocomposites incorporating semiconductor quantum dots and cognate areas of research and innovation.


  • Ultrashort Pulse Detection, applications and simulation

Coherent XUV and soft X-ray generation using femtosecond lasers, XUV and IR autocorrelation techniques, THz streaking, ionization and fragmentation pathways for small quantum systems and plasmas, theoretical studies of small quantum systems in weak and strong radiation fields and cognate areas of research and innovation.


  • Biophotonics

The application of light to sensing and imaging in, and manipulation of, biological materials, particularly applied to biological and medical problems. It encompasses associated materials development, e.g. probes and platforms and the range of associated optical methods and spectroscopies.

List Of Participants


  • Dr. Asima Pradhan

  • Dr. R.K. Thareja

  • Dr.Pradeep Kumar K.

  • Miss. Ankita Jain

  • Miss. Seema Devi

  • Miss. Neha Goswami

  • Mr. Udit Narayan

  • Mr. Shyam Lal Gupta

  • Mr. Ravi Pratap Singh

  • Mr. Nishanth Chandra

  • Mr. Mohammad Zaffar

  • Mr. Bharat Lal Meena

  • Mr. Gyana Ranjan Sahoo

  • Mr. Syed Tajammul Ahmed