(Apr 20, 2018) Shortlist of candidates for interview for admissions to MS and PhD programs beginning July 2018 is now available.

Cognitive Science is the study of the mind - how it comes to be, what it is, and what it does. Researchers and practitioners in cognitive science come from a variety of conventional academic disciplines. Computer scientists, psychologists, neuroscientists, linguists, philosophers have all contributed to this exciting synthesis of insight into how the mind works. These insights are all the more useful now in trying to construct artificial human-like systems.

The Interdisciplinary Program for Cognitive Science invites students and researchers interested in studying the mind cutting across disciplinary and methdological boundaries to join our growing program. We are already soliciting applications to our PhD program, which will commence in Fall 2017. A call for applications to the MS program, whose first batch will commence in Fall 2018, will be made in a few months' time. We will also shortly be announcing opportunities for undergraduate students at IIT Kanpur to minor in Cognitive Science, as well as interesting project work opportunities. Inquiries about post-doctoral positions may please be directed to individual faculty members.