Department of Design


Ist NDIN Design Competition, January 2020
Shravani Gaikwad (1st Prize alongwith her team),
Ajeet Kumar Yadav (2nd Prize alongwith his team)

Our students Shravani Gaikwad and Ajeet Kumar Yadav won 1st and 2nd prize respectively in the "1st NDIN Design Competition 2019-20" organized by "National Design Innovation Network" collaborating with students from different IITs for designing a baby pram for street vendors.

Secure Himalaya Hackathon December 2019

"Winner| Shashank Chaudhary, Ashish Mishra, Onkar Lanke, Shuki, Jyoti Pandey"

Our Students Shashank Chaudhary, Ashish Mishra, Onkar Lanke, Shuki, Jyoti Pandey won 1st Prize in "Secure Himalaya Hackathon" organised by "United Nations Development Programme." held on 20th December at UN House, Delhi.

Uxplorer 2018

"Bronze Medal winner| Indra Raj, Ujjawal and Abhay"

our students Indra Raj, Ujjawal and Abhay won Bronze medal in Uxplorer 2018 organized by "YUJ Designs" for their Project Aanchal, Project Aanchal objective is to promote and support "Breastfeeding in public" by making a way for mother to feed her child confidently even in public, by maintaining confidentiality.

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards/Appreciations 2018

"Winner| Ritika Singh"

Ritika Singh wins the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards/Appreciations 2018 for Katha-Exploration of narrative approach in furniture design

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards/Appreciations 2018

"Winner| Vimal C"

Vimal C wins the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards/Appreciations 2018for "TuLo". An automated mandibular advancement device for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

UX Now Design Challenge 2017

"Winner| Jyotsana Singh & Abhishek Bose"

Jyotsana & Abhishek won the design challenge "To improve the experience of railway ticket booking at the counter" at UX Now Conference held in IIT Delhi in October 2017. They proposed a 'Token Generation System' for booking tickets at reservation counters. The system eliminates the refilling of requisition slip details into the system by the booking staff and also reduces the waiting time of the customers in the queue. The customers can fill the digital requisition slip online through their mobile phones or kiosks installed at the reservation counters. Once the requisition slip is submitted a unique token number is sent to the customers mobile number. The booking staff uses this unique token number to fetch the journey details from the server and proceed with booking ticket. The system will ensure that time taken for any ticket would be the same regardless of the number of passenger in the requisition list.

Pitney Bowes Design Challenge 2017

"Cyclo-1st Runner Up| Sugam Anand"

Sugam Anand won the "Pitney Bowes Design Challenge" at INTERACT 2017, The 16th IFIP TC13 International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction held in IIT Bombay. He proposed and designed "Cyclo" – a dock less bicycle rental service for the city of Mumbai to make it easier (and greener) for locals and (or) tourists to get around town. Riders can pick up a bicycle from one location in the city, and drop it off in another. He created a digital solution to locate, reserve, pick up, return, and keep track of the bikes. Extensive research, design process, creativity, business and social value of the solution helped him secure 2nd position in the design challenge.

James Dyson Award 2017

"Maattam-First Indian National James Dyson Award Winner - | Asish Mohandas"

Asish Mohandas became the first Indian national to win James Dyson Award for his final year M.Des Thesis project, titled "Maattam-Design and development of an efficient low-cost retrofit patient transfer stretcher " The project aimed at solving the problem of patient transfer in hospitals will now be nominated for the James Dyson International Award. The James Dyson Award looks for remarkable yet simple designs with the potential to have a huge impact on society. The James Dyson Award is also Dyson’s way to encourage and invest in the engineering talent from various countries. Maattam, a retrofit system for transferring patients between different rest units such as a bed or an operating table. It eliminates occurrence of secondary injuries for the patients, and reduces manual labour for the workers involved, during patient transfer.

Red Dot Awards 2017

" Aligno- Winner | Karthik P B"

Karthik P B won the Red Dot Award: Design Concept under Communications category for his work ‘Aligno’. The Red Dot Design Award is an international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. There are prize categories for product design, design agencies, and design concepts.  The “Red Dot Award: Design Concept” centres on design concepts, ideas and visions. The competition focuses on young, up-and-coming creative talents, designers and design companies around the world. 
Aligno is a multi-layered physical map which allows users to quickly search buildings/ locations and navigate easily.
This map is of IIT Kanpur campus which was designed as part of student project under Prof.Koumudi Patil from HSS dept. The campus area is approximately 0.6 Faculty and students mostly walk in the campus.
How to use Aligno: The map has 3 layers arranged concentrically. To begin with, user must know his destination. If you know that, the task from there on is fairly simple. Rotate the 3rd layer such that the your location aligns to the pointer of FROM box. Then, rotate the 2nd layer to align your destination to the pointer of the TO box. And voila! The red circle and a green circle on the map will direct you between the From and To places.

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards/Appreciations 2017

"Anubhav - An efficient Braille Writting Tool", Winner

Sachin N.P., M. Des. Graduate (2016) wins the Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Awards/Appreciations 2017 for his M. Des. work on Anubhav-An efficient Braille Writting Tool. Sachin was supervised by Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya. Vimal C. who is currently pursuing M.Des had coparticipated. The device comes up with the concept of cells with raised dots on the slate and a stencil that flips down vertically from one row to the other. Consequently the raised dots are embossed on to the paper with the help of a hollow tube stylus. Mirroring of alphabets while writing is no longer required. This system enables the user to read as they write. And also, performing mathematical calculations is now a cake walk and they could make calculations in a jiffy. This is a game changing experience as it enhances and enlightens the self-confidence and self-esteem as now they could write as and how a normal person with eyesight would do.

Re-imagine Education Awards-2016

"Tinker toys as pedagogical tools for STEM education in rural India", Bronze Winner

Ms. Ekta Surender, a PhD. scholar in Design program at IIT Kanpur has been awarded Bronze award in the STEM category of the 'Re-imagine Education Awards' -2016, organized by The Wharton School – SEI Center at the University of Philadelphia, and QS Quacquarelli Symonds. The award was provided on a project titled “Tinker toys as pedagogical tools for STEM education in rural India". Ekta is being advised by Prof. Koumudi Patil.


"DESKIT", Winner

The IEEE Region 10 Humanitarian Technology Conference 2016 (IEEE R10 HTC 2016 ) was conducted at the Dayalbagh Education Institute (DEI), Agra from December 21 through 23, 2016, on the theme: "Sigma 6Q & Smart Villages: Making Sustainability a Way of life". The areas of interest for the conference included (but are not limited to) Energy, Environment Systems, Education Systems, Healthcare, Agriculture & Dairying, Smart Villages and Women Empowerment. In the Student’s Innovation Pavilion Track of the conference innovative working models of students based on humanitarian technologies were exhibited. Under the entry titled “Design and Development of a study companion for rural students in India”, Eshan had exhibited the product DESKIT.

DESKIT is a writing companion for students to aid in comfortable writing and to assist in maintaining a proper body posture. It is designed especially for children who lack basic infrastructural facilities at school as well as home.

A’ Design Awards

"Ocha 2.0", Bronze Winner

Avid tea drinkers will tell you that, though the electric kettle has made life simple for many of us, it doesn’t really make a ‘good’ cup of tea. OCHA 2.0 is an electric kettle, which can be controlled via an app and give you that perfect cup of tea. This app can be downloaded on your phone.

The details that are available of the app as of now tell us that one can control the temperature of the water through the app. If one puts water inside the kettle and schedules it for boiling through the app, the same will be done on time – much like setting an alarm or a timer through your phone. The ‘smart’ kettle has two buttons, a dial, and a display to control the brewing. The Internet of Things (IoT) enabled device is connected with home Wi-Fi, so you can also control it from anywhere via your smartphone. It can be operated by the user in two different ways. Either with the help of the mobile application that comes along with the product or with the help of the user interface embedded onto the product. The kettle comes with a central display console comprising a display button placed right at the center of the console that helps in selecting the various options in the menu.

Make in India, Hackathon 2016

Ashwin and Saurabh won the first place at the Make in India, Hackathon 2016 held in IIT Bombay as a part of Make in India initiative. They designed a wind turbine for urban spaces that could harness energy from any kind of wind entering the city. The first of its kind, these building-surface mountable wind turbines can harness energy at the highest efficiency in the given surroundings.

Honeywell Aerospace Design Challenge - 2016

"MegaMind - An integrated intelligent system to decrease the aircraft turnaround time"

Surojit Dey and Pratiti Sarkar participated as a team and bagged second position in Honeywell Aerospace Design Challenge 2016. They proposed the design of an intelligent system which works when incorporated with an augmented reality device named MegaMind. It decreases the aircraft turnaround time by providing quick assistance to the users and reducing their cognitive load. When assisted by other external devices likes drones and nearable technology, its usability can be extended further, like performing visual check, tool collection, etc.

OzCHI 24 Hour International Design Challenge


Winner of the OzCHI 24 hour international design challenge conducted by the University of Melbourne. The brief was to design for the socially isolated and to try and bring them back into society. Our target user was the elderly and a solution for them were children via an interactive game. The project was done in a team of 4 under the name "Berserk Batallion”

OzCHI 24 Hour International Design Challenge

"Boost up"

Runner Up of the OzCHI 24 hour international design challenge conducted by the University of Melbourne . Brief was to design for the socially isolated people. Our project focuses on children with speech disorders like stuttering and stammering. The project culminated with design of an interactive game installation 'boost up' to break the shyness amid stuttering children, and to sensitive average children towards the issue, in a fun manner.

UXNOW 2015 Design Challenge - Theme 'Design for India'

"Banarasi Toy World - A platform creating an unforgettable experience playing with Banarasi Toys - a traditional Indian art form"

Prithvi Raj won the first prize at UXNOW 2015 User Experience Design Challenge themed 'Design for India' conducted by MakeMyTrip. The concept was to create an unforgettable experience of experiencing an Indian art form to create a memorable bond with the art form and promoting its growth in India. The art form chosen was Banarasi toys and a gamified experience around the art form was created to encourage users to enjoy the platform and create a memorable experience thereby promoting the art form. The conference held at IIT Delhi provided a holistic view on how different designing for India is.

IMPRINT India National Logo Design Competition

Prithvi Raj - a second year M.Des student won the first prize IMPRINT India initiative National Logo design competition and was invited to the Rastrapathi Bhavan for the inauguration of IMPRINT India initiative by the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Honorable President Pranab Mukherjee. IMPRINT (IMPacting Research INnovation and Technology) is an MHRD-sponsored Pan-IIT and IISc joint initiative to develop (a) New Education Policy, and (b) Roadmap for Research to solve major engineering and technology challenges in selected domains needed by the country. After the inauguration of the IMPRINT India initiative, there was an interactive session with Minister of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Smt. Smriti Irani on the upcoming plans of MHRD and Prithvi Raj was assigned the responsibility to represent IIT Kanpur in further plans of IMPRINT India Initiative.

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award

"PRASHAMANA Design of a smart hospital bed"

Dr J Ramkumar and his students Toshiba Bagde and Nikhil Jamdade won accolades for their prototype in Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award at Rashtrapati Bhawan. They had come up with a unique smart hospital bed that promises to make hospital stay much more convenient. It also makes monitoring of patients more efficient for the hospital staff. The low-cost bed provides option for privacy for individual patients in the general ward through sliding curtains. Intelligent bed sensors eliminate need for cuffs for critical patients. It monitors sleep patterns as well as problems like seizures and coughing. Blood pressure and arrhythmic vibrations are automatically monitored through sensors and trigger alarm in case of emergency. It also automatically records weight, bed-exits and body pressure. The LCD panel constantly provides necessary information from distance. An inbuilt sliding chair provides space for doctors and caretakers. Live patient data and alerts can be observed from nurse station as well as from anywhere else in hospital.

India Design ID Challenge 2015 (Asian paints)

"GREAT INDIAN DUSTBIN Design to keep check on rapidly increasing plastic waste in the country"

Hariprasad KV won the India design ID challenge 2015 for his recycle bin design. His design, ‘Swachh’ dustbin brings recycling to the public. For every plastic bottle that is fed in, the dustbin dispenses cash based on the grade of the plastic. The design creates motivation for using the dustbin, and also encourages people at the bottom of the pyramid, to take part in the campaign. It won the first prize, shall be installed in public and will be shared with the Prime Minister's Office.

Goldman Sachs Design Challenge

"DRISHYAM - A mobile application to assist the visually challenged with indoor navigation"

Drishyam, a project by Charu Rathore, Hariprasad KV and Midhun George, under the guidance of Prof. J. Ramkumar, won the first prize at ABLE Solutions; a Goldman Sachs design challenge. This mobile application works on the simple concept of video-call assistance and step counting coupled with a well-designed interface which makes it easy for a visually challenged person to use it.

Honeywell Aerospace Design Challenge - 2015

"PARAKKU - A system to prevent delay in airplane departures by quickening maintenance processes"

Sooraj Ramachandran was awarded the first prize for his design of a connected system that tackled the problem of delays in airplane departures. It quickens the maintenance process when a flight lands. The concept was to leverage on WiFi systems in airplanes so as to pre-inform the maintenance engineers about the status of flight and if there are any problems. The process of performing maintenance was done in a gamified manner.

Inter IIT Tech Meet, IIT Kharagpur

"PADHAM = Design for safer travel in Indian railways, while boarding"

Sachin NP and Ashwin Gandhi along with Rachit Tripathi and Krishna Rai from the mechanical department won the first prize in this product design challenge. The project aims to redesign the train bogie staircase for better ergonomics and safety. The height of these platforms are so low that the gap created between them and the train staircase creates a hassle for the passengers to climb onto the train.

National Students’ Space Challenge

"WIRELESS HOVERCRAFT - A manually controlled wireless hovercraft that is capable of moving along a predefined path"

Ashwin Gandhi and Sachin NP designed a hovercraft for the National Students’ Space Challenge, 2014 conducted by SPATS and IIT Kharagpur in collaboration with ISRO. Despite the engineering constraints in this project, the students managed to create a light and cost-effective hovercraft which won the 3rd prize and was thoroughly appreciated by the jury for its design.

Microsoft Hackathon 2015

"One of best 5 app ideas at Microsoft Hackathon 2015"

Prithvi Raj and team's mobile application idea was selected as one of the best five ideas of Microsoft Hackathon 2015 held at IIT Kanpur. The app was developed using Windows Universal App development platform. A mentor from Microsoft will guide the team for a period of 4 weeks in developing the app and help in publishing the app on relevant store.


"Concept that makes travel more fun and engaging"

Kriti Dalmia won the first prize by designing an innovative User Experience Design Concept for UXNOW: The Design Conference, 2014 conducted by MakeMyTrip. The Theme of UXNOW 2014 was ‘User Engagement’. The conference provided a multidisciplinary platform for designers, academicians, developers to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for effective interaction with users.

Previous Achievements

1st Prize, Hackathon 2013 organized by Govt. of India for mobile app "FYI - For Your Information " in Applications category - Thomas Jacob

Runner up, Pune Design Festival 2013 for short animation "1947 Haunting Dreams" in Media category - Paritosh Singh

"Perfect World" shortlisted in We Care Film Festival 2013 - Paritosh, Chirapriya, Mritunjay

Consolation prize, USID - Samsung Student Design Challenge 2012 for mobile game app "Lattu" - Priyanka, Ekta, Jivtesh, Vivek

GE Innovation Award 2012 for "Vardaan" wheelchair - Shanu Sharma

3 Best Apps, Samsung Smart App Challenge 2012
"Pehchaan Kaun" - Jivtesh, Ekta, Priyanka, Vivek, Charul
"Toad Feast" - Paritosh, Saptarshi, Mayukh
"Wrath of Durga" - Saptarshi, Mayukh

"Tribal Craft" shortlisted in International Craft Film Festival 2012 - Mritunjay Kumar and Chirapriya Mondal

Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2011 for "Vardaan" - Shanu Sharma

Winner, TRAI All India Logo Design Competition 2011 - Himesh Singh

1st Prize, Samsung Splash India on TV 2011 for "Bollywood Ke Khalnayak" app - Bidisha, Paritosh, Praveen, Saptarishi

3 Best Apps in Samsung Splash India on TV 2011
"Rangoli" - Jivtesh, Ekta, Priyanka
"Virtual Temple" - Jivtesh, Ekta, Priyanka
"Stick Mania" - Himesh Singh

2nd Prize, Packinnova 2011 - Prasoon Kumar and Vikas Chopra
Finalist, Packinnova 2011 - (Team 1) Rahul and (Team 2) Saptarshi, Mayukh, Paritosh

2nd Runners up, Nokia Bhasha 2011 - Rahul, Madhavan, Meenakshi, Aravind, Nishant
Best Developer Award, Nokia Bhasha 2011 - Vivek, Richa, Nutan, Abitosh

1st Prize, SAE Design Challenge 2010 - Rahul, Nishant

ICSIR Robot Design, 2010, Finalist Atul Sultane, Satish Shekhar

USID Gurukul Bad Design Contest 2010 1st Prize Himesh Singh
USID Gurukul Bad Design Contest 2010 2nd Prize Vikas
USID Gurukul Bad Design Contest 2010 2nd Prize Madhavan

1st Prize, Solidworks Design Competition for Power Pro 2010 - Atul Sultane

Finalist, UNICEF Worldwide Video contest 2009 - Siddharth Bathala

1st Prize (CAD Modelling), Escorts Tractor of 2020 Design contest 2009 - Satish Shekhar
2nd Prize (CAD Modelling), Escorts Tractor of 2020 Design contest 2009 - Atul Sultane, Kiran Bajpe

Finalist, Electrolux Design Contest 2009 - Prithu Paul, Ankit Kumar

1st Prize, Design Challenge 2009, IISc Bangalore - Umang Shah

3rd Prize, USID NOKIA Challenge 2009 - Umang Shah

1st Prize, UMO Boycott Bad Design 2009 - Alap Shah

2nd Prize, National Design Challenge 2009 - Umang Shah

3rd Prize, Nokia USID International Design Challenge 2009 - Umang Shah

2nd Prize, Forum NOKIA- USID Challenge 2008 - Himanshu Agarwal

2nd Prize, WUD 2008 - Neha Kiran Singh

1st Prize, Teqnix 2008, LDCE, Ahmedabad - Umang Shah

2nd Prize, Design of Transit System for Pune Festival 2008 - Prantik Banerjee and Payal Chowdhury

1st Prize, RE-Kriti 2008, DAIICT, Gandhinagar - Umang Shah

UMO Boycott Bad Design Contest, Bangalore 2008 - Stuti Shalini Guria

1st Prize, Just Design in RGB 2007 for Waste Disposal System - Yogesh G Maralkar, Alok Agashe, Payal Chowdhury

1st Prize, RGB 2007 for short film 'Rang De Basanti' - Prantik Banerjee, Meera Mangrulkar, Jayesh Pillai

1st Prize, Autofest 2007, NIT Surat - Umang Shah