Department of Design


Design Theory unveils the fundamental principles of design problem solving with special emphasis on the visual elements. It broadly covers the history, philosophy and cultural complexity concerning aesthetics and functionality of design.

Design Practice focuses on aspects like Axiomatic Design, Algorithmic Process of Design, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, Product Planning and Specification, Benchmarking and Product Ramping.

Projects in Engineering Design & Visual Communication are designed to convert theoretical learning into Tangible Products & Services supplemented by Studies in Design, Interactive Design, Form & Style, 2D and 3D Visual Design, Elements & Principal of Design, Management of Design Innovation etc.

A number of courses are also available as electives from other departments such as Knowledge Strategies and Knowledge Systems, High Performance Polymers & Composites, Composite Materials, Principles of Vibration Control, Material Selection for Mechanical Design, Multi-objective Optimization, Introduction to Virtual Instrumentation, Introduction to Polymer Science & Technology, Reliability Based System Design and Analysis, Introduction to mathematical modeling & Simulation, Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Knowledge Based Man- Machine System, Ecological & Biological Principles, Ethics & Society, Consumer Psychology, Marketing Management, Organization Methods in Engineering Design, Finite Element Method, Composite Materials, Artificial Intelligence, Modern Art, Art Appreciation & Criticism, Art of Video Making, Communication Design etc.