Department of Design


Design Programme is well equipped to support its students in their academic pursuits. With dedicated model making studios, materials exploration studios and classrooms located on-site, yy students are given unobstructed access to advanced equipment and computer facilities. Some of the facilities are:

4i Lab :
4i-Lab is a recent initiative at the Indian institute of Technology, Kanpur. It is an enabling laboratory with an objective to facilitate design evolution into complete products. The four "I" s stand for Innovation, Integration, Incubation and Implementation. The laboratory is envisaged as a central facility for concept design and product realization. The laboratory environment is structured to digitally integrate the processes of design, simulation and manufacturing. As Design Programme is known for its inter disciplinary structure, 4i lab satisfies the very dire need of students to explore and to innovate, where students can access to impressive range of facilities serving both pragmatic workshops and course works.

Laser Engraving & Cutting: Laser Engraving Machine uses laser to engrave or to spot an object. The laser engraving is like a pencil, the beam emitted from it allows the controller to trace patterns onto the surfaces.
Axis CNC Mill: It is a Multi-Axis milling machine. It is controlled by a central computer which is integrated with modelling environment. This machines shapes the metal according to the data fed in the virtual model which is made using CAD software.
CNC Turning Machine: It is a lathe controlled by computer programs driven by numerical data which is used to make axis-symmetric models.
CNC Vertical Milling: This is a machine used to shape metals and other materials using CAD data.
Rapid Prototyping Machine: This system is a TITAN from Stratasys equipped for prototyping with ABS plastic and polycarbonate materials.
4i-Lab is also equipped with PICZA 3D Laser Scanner which is used to analyze a real world object to collect data, Water-Jet machine which is used to cut wide variety of materials and PCB Fabrication Lab.

Product Design Lab :
Design Programme is stocked with workshop space for students, which is known as Product Design Lab with various facilities. It is equipped with Bench Grinder, wide range of carpentry tools, H2I Zodiac Machine which is used to Cut and carve Foam and other similar materials, and also a 3D Printer (Z Printer 650) which can be used for various applications. PD Lab also provides Material for form exploration like Thermocol , PUC foam, MDF sheets etc.

Leather Design and Exploration Lab :
Design Programme has been diversifying every year. This year in particular with the introduction of the Leather Design and Exploration Lab. The Design Programme now is well equipped with leather Machinery and work space where students can explore on the lines of striking leather products & Accessories emphasizing on aesthetics and ergonomics. We have Leather Splitting & Skiving Machines, Zig Zag Machine, Overlock Machine and Double needle Post bed Machine where one can develop full-fledged Leather products.

Media Technology Center :
The Media & Technology Center is an attempt to encourage and cultivate a sense of appreciation and explore the skills involved in the new media for creative expressions. Apart from NPTEL Projects, This center aims to provide a meaningful platform for the students of the Design Programme to explore their creativity potentials in motion pictures and other similar mediums. Media Center is well-equipped with Live Video/Audio Recording Studios and FM Radio Studio. Teachers use these to record lectures as well.

Smart Materials and Structures Laboratory :
The Smart Materials, Structures & Systems (SMSS) Laboratory at IIT Kanpur provide state-of the- art facilities for the research and development of novel smart materials and sensors technologies, and to design and implement smart devices for enhancing the adaptability, functionality, and precision of structural systems. This Department is known for International collaborations and wide variety of projects. Students from Design Programme can seek for Research areas and collaborate with SMSS Laboratory in the lines of Engineering and Industrial Design.