Department of Design


TED Mint, Sweden

A project sponsored by Thule, in collaboration with KTH and other universities

Bhagath Pagadala, Charu Rathore, Hariprasad KV, Midhun George and Tathagata Acharya participated in an interdisciplinary workshop,TED Mint, in October 2014. At this workshop,they were all part of different teams, where their task was to design a multipurpose surf pad. The aim of the project was to design a cost effective, appealing, multipurpose pad that could be mounted on a bar of any shape, for global customers to enhance the experience of carrying surf boards/ snow boards on top of their cars.

ME310 - Stanford University, U.S.A

A collaborative project at Stanford University

In collaboration with Stanford University, PUJ Colombia and Sardar Patel Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences, Lucknow, three students from the design rogramme; Amit Kundal, Mohit Tewari and Shivakumar M., under the guidance of Prof. Shantanu Bhattacharya, are working on developing a dental chair at a lower cost. The challenge is to accommodate all the features of a high-end chair in a low-cost chair. The students are currently making improvements and refining their ideas or a feasible concept.

PDP – Aalto University, Finland

A collaborative project at Aalto University

As part of the Product Development Project Course at Aalto University, four students from the design programme participated in it. The projects that began in October 2014, would be completed and presented at the Annual Design Gala at Aalto Design Factory, Helsinki in May 2015.
Shweta Nair and Romil Desai are a part of he team project sponsored by Wärtsilä. This project aims at identifying challenges faced by employees during the construction of power- plants and providing a ovel solution for it. Aniket Patole and Vimal Anand are a part of the team project sponsored by Innovamo. This project aims at developing innovative mobile solutions and services with NFC, to be used in art galleries to promote art appreciation.

Google Transparency

A Google Maps-based platform for greater transparency in Government schemes

Funded and mentored by Google India, Anand Sangani and Ashutosh Kumar are working on a Google Maps-based platform that visualizes the infrastructural development of a particular location & draws information from the cloud for greater transparency within Government projects. They are being guided by Prof.Koumudi Patil.

HUL Summer Project

Specific consumer feedback and user experience based projects defined by HUL

Two teams of 5 members each; Aniket,Bharat, Ekta, Himanshu, Asif and Shariq were part of one team while Abhinav, Bhagath,Pulkit, Sanjeev and Vivek were the other participating team. They were given one problem statement each. One problem statement was to record real time consumer feedback when they use a Unilever product. The second problem statement was to make a smart phone application to measure the health of a fabric before and after wash

ME310 - Stanford University, U.S.A

A collaborative project at Stanford University

The project was under collaboration with Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Colombia following Stanford's ME310 Design Programme. ME310 is a course where students from Stanford and leading Global Universities tackle design innovation challenges passed by global corporations.
It aimed at designing spaces for students outside class and enhancing their User Experience.The project schedule involved weekly prototypes,testing, refinement and presentations as per Stanford's guidelines. Ankit, Apoorva and Rutu were part of the team.