Department of Design


Design Programme offers training for students to synthesize technology and aesthetics in the service of human-needs. The programme encourages creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, and personal expression leading to evolution of products and services in the field of engineering design and visual communications. A number of projects interspersed during the training process provide adequate opportunities for brain-storming yielding product and services to meet social, environmental and business need. The technology-learning laboratories within the program as well as within IIT Kanpur prepare the students for careers in industries and also higher studies through hands-on-experience.

Being an interdisciplinary programme, design students are encouraged to take courses outside the gamut of design as well. IIT Kanpur provides a broad-spectrum of courses and infrastructure in intense academic environment to achieve the above to build-in the students’ adequate knowledge to make them stand tall in their professional and academic career.

Life at Design Programme

Towards achieving our vision, the family of students at Design Programme is composed of people from varied backgrounds having unique talents. This diversity is threaded together by mutual understanding and cooperation, which characterizes the way of life here.
Creativity at Design Programme is not limited to academic projects. Students regularly take- up design projects outside their academic curriculum. Creative minds come together with enthusiasm to find innovative way of problem solving.