Distinguished Alumnus Awardee 2020

Dr. Anand Jagannathan (BT/EE/1974)

Dr. Jagannathan is a five time serial entrepreneur, start-up investor/ advisor and currently the Founder and CEO of Engage Social, a Silicon Valley-based company . He is very active mentoring IIT founders in building the next wave of Artificial Intelligence based companies in security, sales intelligence and insurance.An experienced founder, CEO and technologist, Dr. Jagannathan was one of the first Indian-American to launch a successful IPO (Initial Public Offering) company, founding Banyan Systems (BNYN) in 1983. Banyan was a leader in enterprise networking and the solution of choice for Fortune 1000 companies. His second IPO company Responsys (MKTG) pioneered Software as a Service (SaaS) in 1998, emerged as a leader in interactive digital marketing and is now part of Oracle. Dr. Jagannathan’s other companies led innovation in workflow automation, online shopping and social media marketing.They have received several accolades including ‘Top 25 start-ups’ from Fortune magazine and ‘technology genius’ from the shopping network.

Dr. Jagannathan was recognized by Rice University for his Entrepreneurship; he was the CFO and President of IITK Foundation, co-chair of IITK Golden Jubilee Celebrations in the Bay Area in 2000, and was selected as the Distinguished Alumnus of the West Coast Chapter, USA. Dr. Jagannathan has three patents to his name. IITK conferred upon Dr. Anand Jagannathan the Distinguished Alumnus Award , 2020.

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