About Us

The Dean of Resources and Alumni office is a key cornerstone of IIT Kanpur, and is currently headed by Prof. Jayant K. Singh. Its mission is to establish relationships with alumni and other stakeholders, and ensure financial stability of the Institute by raising resources. The office works extensively towards arranging financial resources to meet growth aspirations of IIT Kanpur through alumni, non-alumni, and corporates. The office actively conducts fundraising campaigns to support infrastructure initiatives at the Institute, provide scholarships to students, promote research excellence by creating faculty chairs and fellowships, and launch various research programs with the help of IITK Development Foundation, established in June 2020..

The institute has had many notable alumni who went on to spread their wings and reach new heights after successfully completing their academic years at IIT Kanpur. Each year, IITK recognizes their achievements and awards them for their unrelenting spirit and contribution to the society at large. IITK alumni have had a very special connect with their alma matar and hence Giving Back has always been their motto. IIT Kanpur has always been grateful for their generous philanthropic contributions towards the enrichment of the institute.