A number of Annual Cash awards/ Gold Medal and Silver Medals have been created in the institute with the help of donations received from its alumni, former Faculty members, well-wishers and friends to encourage meritorious students/faculty and staff in the institute. We have around 75 Endowment awards which include student awards, faculty awards, staff awards, community awards & awards for school children.

The student awards are given to the student recipients during Convocation ceremony and during Academic Excellence award Ceremony. These awards instill motivation and enthusiasm in the students to excel in their academic endeavor and also provide financial assistance to meritorious and needy students.

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Abhyuday Pandey (BT/CSE/2021)

Received President's Gold Medal from Hon'ble PM.


Yash Maheshwari (BT/EE/2021)

Received the Ratan Swarup Memorial Prize from Hon'ble PM.