IITK Distinguished Alumnus Awards


The Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) is the highest award given by IIT Kanpur to its alumni in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Every year, the institute works with its alumni to honour individuals who have made a mark in their respective fields of expertise. They are selected for the award based on specific meritorious services on behalf of the quality and advancement of IITK, distinguished accomplishments in business and professional life and/or distinguished human service in community affairs.

Nominations can be made for outstanding achievements in various pursuits under the following categories:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Professional Excellence
  • Entrepreneurship and Management
  • Any other activity pertaining to the service of Humanity at large.

The evaluation committee for the award, as approved by the board of governors of IIT Kanpur, comprises of:

  • The Director, IIT Kanpur (Chairman)
  • The Dean of Students Affairs, IITK (Member)
  • One BOG Member/Nominee (Member)
  • One Industrialist/Manager (Member)
  • The Dean of Resources and Alumni, IITK (Member)
  • One (non-alumnus) Faculty Member, IITK (Member)
  • Secretary, Alumni Association (Member Secretary)
Meet the Distinguished Alumnus Awardees


Mr. Arvind Pradhan (BT/ME/74)

(CEO, Camaco LLC)

(Entrepreneurial Excellence)

Prof. Anurag Kumar (BT/EE/77)

(Director, IISc)

(Academic Excellence)

Mr. Prabhat Singh (BT/CE/80)

(CEO & MD, Petronet LNG)

(Professional Excellence)

Mr. R. S. Sharma (MSC/MTH/77)

(Secretary, Deity)

(Management Excellence)

Prof. S. K. Lele (BT/ME/80)

(Professor, Stanford University)

(Academic Excellence)


Mr. V. Agarwal (BT/EE/66)

(Founder & CMD, TA Ltd.)

(Entrepreneurial Excellence)

Prof. U. B. Desai (BT/EE/74)

(Director, IIT Hyderabad)

(Academic Excellence)



Mr. Dheeraj Pandey (BT/CSE/77)

(CEO, Nutanix)

(Entrepreneurial Excellence)

Prof. S. N. Minwalla (MSC/PHY/95)

(Professor, TIFR)

(Academic Excellence)

Prof. T. Venkatesan (MSC/PHY/71)

(Director, NUSNNI)

(Academic Excellence)

Prof. V. Sahajwalla (BT/MME/86)

(Scientia Professor, UNSW)

(Academic Excellence)

Mr. Yadupati Singhania (BT/CE/77)

(MD, J. K. Cement ltd.)

(Entrepreneurial Excellence)




Prof. D. D. Sarma (MSC/PHY/77)

(Founder-Chairman, IACS)
(Academic Excellence)

Prof. Jayadev Misra (BT/EE/69)

(Professor, University of Texas)
(Academic Excellence)

Prof. Vijay Kumar (BT/ME/83)

(Dean, SEAC - Penn Uni.)
(Academic Excellence)


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