Joy Gill Endowment Fund (Department of BSBE)

Set up by Mr. Ajit S. Gill (BT/EE/1969) and named after his parents, the objective of this Endowment is to support number of activities in the Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Department at IIT Kanpur. The endowment supports the Joy Gill Chair, four UG scholarships, summer internships and summer research opportunities for the students, and a Business Plan Competition. Mr. Gill holds a B. Tech. degree in Electrical Engineering from IITK, an M.S. from the University of Nebraska, and an M.B.A. from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. Currently Mr. Gill serves as the President & CEO, Nektar Therapeutics, Santa Carlos, California.

Akshay Shendre and Shivam Kant delivered research talks describing their research work they carried
out during the summer internship on BSBE Day held on 1 Nov 2019

Various activities were covered using Joy Gill Endowment Fund (2019-2020)-

Summer Innovation Award

Mr. Akshay Shendre and Mr. Shivam Kant received the Summer Innovation Award 2019 established under Joy Gill Endowment Fund. UG students in the seventh semester compete for this award based on the research carried out during the summer. Apart from the cash prize, the winners get opportunity to present their work in the Annual BSBE Day Symposium. Both Akshay and Shivam presented their work in the Annual BSBE Day Symposium held on Nov 1, 2019.Akshay did his summer internship in NUS Singapore and presented his project titled "PAN cancer analysis to elucidate potential function of ARIDIA". Shivam's summer internship was in Taipei Medical University, Taiwan. The title of his project was "Investigating correlation between glucose uptake and complexity across various cortical regions"

Bio-Business Plan Competition

Under Joy Gill Endowment Fund, Bio-Business Plan Competition is usually held during the Institute’s Annual Technology Festival, Techkriti in March. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s Techkriti festival was cancelled and the Bio-Business Plan Competition could not be held.

Research I Foundation

The Foundation is supported by Dr. N.R. Narayana Murthy. The Research-I Foundation grant is utilized to enhance the overall research output and research environment of the CSE department. This fund is utilized in many different ways-

The department faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, and students have been publishing in the top-tier conferences such as CAV, ICSE, ISCA, AAAI, AISTATS, ASPLOS, ICML, IJCAI, ICCM, ACL, ICASSP, etc. Since all the government funding except for the bilateral ones disallows any funding for foreign conferences, and even the bilateral ones only allow trips to specific universities that are part of the bilateral project, the only way to sustain this level of research productivity and presence of IITK faculty in the top-tier conferences is through the Research-I Foundation funds.The Funds have supported travel, registration and lodging for presenting accepted papers at the top-tier international conferences. This activity has significantly improved the visibility of the department among the international CS research community. Most notably there were four papers from CSE Department in AA AI, the premier AI conference.

PhD students who have spent over five years and yet to finish their theses, have been helped with a small stipend from the Research-I Funds.

A selected set of B.Tech/M.Tech students with good performances assist the instructors in teaching large first/second year computing and data structure courses. Research-I Fund has been used to appreciate the assistance of such students with a small stipend.

Round the year, CSE Department hosts a number of collaborators, short-term visitors and adjunct faculty members. Research-I Fund is used for this purpose. These short-term visits and research collaborations help to improve the department's research output.

The department has been able to attract brilliant new faculty members by offering them extra top-up salary on top of their regular institute salary through the Research-I Fund for the first three years of their initiation in the department. This particularly helped recruiting faculty members coming from abroad and the Department has been quite successful in the recruitment of such faculty members.

Department Excellence Fund

Excellence Fund has been created in each academic department and Inter-Disciplinary Programs (IDPs) to provide more non-governmental financial support from alumni and well-wishers. The funds are raised by the respective departments and a matching grant on such donations is given from IITK (General Corpus) for the utilization to each department and IDPs to conduct various activities and to encourage fund raising programs

The Rao Ramela Fund

This Fund is used for the payment of registration fee of nine faculty members and six PhD students toward participation in the REACH symposium. Among the nine faculty members, four were scheduled to speak at the symposium. They are Prof. Sandeep Shukla, Prof. Piyush Rai, Prof. Swaprava Nath, and Prof. Pramod Subramanyan. Another five faculty members were scheduled to attend the symposium. They are Prof. Debadatta Mishra, Prof. Preeti Malakar, Prof. Ashutosh Modi, Prof. Hamim Zafar, and Prof. Swarnendu Biswas. REACH symposium is an interdisciplinary summit among multiple departments of IIT Kanpur to encourage faculty members and PhD students to take up interdisciplinary research. It was planned to be held from 29-31 March 2020 in Lucknow. The REACH symposium could not be held due to Coronavirus pandemic.

Dr. N. R.Narayana Murthy Fund

Considering increasing expenses on academic activities in different departments and less support from the government, IITK created Departmental Excellence Fund in each academic department and Inter-Disciplinary Program. These funds are utilized for various academic activities including support to faculty and students attending national/international conferences, organizing seminars, etc. NRNM Endowment was created by Dr. Narayana Murthy and the endowment is utilized by different departments and Inter-Disciplinary Programs for their various activities.

S.No. Department Activity
1. Humanities & Social Sciences Partial support to students/faculty for attending internationalconferences/workshops.
2. Earth Sciences Partial support to students/faculty for attending internationalconferences/workshops.
3. Material Sciences & Engineering Cash awards to students for publications, department workshops and purchase of equipments
4. Chemical Engineering Special lectures and travel support
5. Physics Partial travel support to students attending international conferences.
6. Mathematics & Statistics Department of Colloquium and Open House activity
7. Computer Science & Engineering Publish half-yearly newsletter & dispatch to top 200 CSEdepartments in the countr
8. Industrial & Management Engineering Student research award, partial travel support to students forattending national/international conferences/workshops
9. Mechanical Engineering Partial support to students/faculty for attending internationalconferences/workshops
10. Electrical Engineering Partial support to students/faculty for attending internationalconferences/workshops
11. Aerospace Engineering Partial travel support to post-graduate students for attending national/international conferences.
12. Chemistry Partial travel support for visits of faculty, travel allowance ofeminent scientists for invited lectures.
13. Biological Sciences & Bioengineering Travel allowance of eminent keynote speakers for invited lectures on BSBE Day.
14. Civil Engineering Partial travel support to students and faculty attending nationals and internationals conferences.
15. Civil Engineering Partial travel support to students and faculty attending nationals and internationals conferences.

Inter-Disciplinary Programs

Design Program Accommodation provided to visiting Design Program experts on campus.
2. Nuclear Engineering & Technology Program Partial travel support to students attending international conferences.
3. The Center for Lasers & Photonics Partial support to students for attending national/internationalconferences/workshops

The Foundation for Chemical Engineering Department

Through the generous donations from Chevron Corporation, The Foundation for Chemical Engineering continues to conduct various activities for the department.

In the year 2019, funds were utilized for the following activities -

  • Post-graduate students who stayed beyond their specified dates of assistantships for research related reasons.

  • Students & faculty attended conferences for paper presentations - Partial support to students and faculty members were provided to assist them in their travel to attend national/international conferences.

  • Increasing student-faculty, and faculty-faculty interactions.

  • Fellowships open to all Chemical Engineering faculty

Prof. Ashoke Sen Endowment

Prof. Ashoke Sen (MSC 2/PHY/1978) contributed Rs. 10 lakhs towards modernization of the Seminar Room of Physics Department and dedicated the same in the honor of Professor Amal K Raychaudhuri in the year 2015-16. During 2019-20, Department of Physics utilized the interest earnings of the fund towards payment for purchase of green chalk board and repairing of its sliding system.

National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering

The 12th National Workshop for UG students of architecture was held in IIT Kanpur from 1-7 July, 2019 in which 60 students who had completed six semesters of studies in their respective architecture programmes, from 14 institutes representing 12 cities from all over India particitated in this 7-day workshop. Ms. Annanya Jha, National Institute of Technology, Raipur, and Ms. Sayad Kashaf Fatima, Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Navi Mumbai secured first positions.A 10-day (June 27-July 06, 2019) workshop on Earthquake Engineering Literature Survey was conducted in which postgraduate students from engineering colleges across India participated. To spread the message of seismic safety among school children, who are the future builders of the country, NICEE has been organizing Inter-school Quiz based on its most popular publication, Earthquake Tips since 2009. This year there was an overwhelming response from schools for registration for the quiz.

Forty-eight schools from thirty cities participated in the quiz. The schools were given 50 copies of the Tips, to be used for selecting a team of four participants from each school from Class VIII to Class XI. In the final round of the quiz held on January 26, 2020 seven schools participated-DAV, Ludhiana; Centre Point School, Nagpur; DPS Gandhidham; Nehru World School, Ghaziabad; Emerald Heights International School, Indore; Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane and Sheiling House School, Kanpur.participating