Students-Undergraduate Research Graduate Excellence (SURGE)

In 2006, IIT Kanpur launched an undergraduate research initiative with the aim of developing and promoting a culture of research amongst its undergraduate students and students of select other institutes of the country. Designed in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA, the program provides an opportunity to students to undertake focused research projects for a short duration under a senior mentor from academia or industry. The program, besides exposing students to research environment, also focuses on their overall personality development through various social and cultural activities.


  • Open to second and third-year undergraduate students (including those in the dual degree programs) from IITs and select NITs.

  • The selection process is rigorous based on students’ academic record, extra-curricular technical activities, recognition at the national student-level competitions and their research proposal to be undertaken during the program.

  • Duration is 8-10 weeks starting early-May.

  • Accepts students under four categories:

    • SURGE for IITK: Under this, students are accepted under two categories -
      (1) Students who want to stay at the institute and work under a faculty mentor on a research project.
      (2) Students who want to work at a prestigious global university chosen for the program. Presently, IITK has an exchange program with the University of Melbourne, Melbourne School of Engineering, Australia.

    • SURGE for non IITK: The 2017 SURGE program is open to all colleges.

    • SURGE for Other Countries: A maximum of 4 undergraduate students allowed from Nepal and Bhutan.

  • Number of selected students is 300.

    • 60 under ‘Funding from SURGE’.

    • 240 under ‘Funding from Institute Project + Self-Funded + Industry-IITK tie up’.

  • Recognises exceptional research through ‘Dr. Elizabeth and Dr. Verkey Cherian Award’ for Best Project & ‘Outstanding Poster Award’ for Best Poster. Both the awards involve a commendation certificate and Rs. 5000 each.

Success Stories

Running in its 10th year, SURGE has been a huge success. It has benefitted hundreds of students by promoting self-discovery, bridging the gap between classroom learning and real-world problems, and encouraging their social, professional and educational development.

The program introduced me to good research. The experience that I gained in 10 weeks helped me get an invite from the University of Stuttgart to spend the summer of 2012 for doing a project at their esteemed Institute of Aerodynamics and Gas Dynamics. I dream of becoming an aerospace design engineer and SURGE has truly been the guiding light for me.

Dileep Chandra
3rd Year, ME, NIT Tiruchirappalli
SURGE 2011


SURGE has left an everlasting impression on me. My biggest learning was that failure is an indispensable part of research. You must accept it and move forward. The experiments in the lab led me to rare sublime moments in my life. A big thanks to my advisor, Ph.D. scholars and the SURGE team for giving me this opportunity.

Tatsat Banerjee
Jadavpur University
SURGE 2012

SURGE is a great platform for students to get indulged in the arena of research. It showed me the way and gave me the confidence to think of new ideas and implement them. Sessions conducted on scientific report and paper writing and avoiding plagiarism were also very helpful. Now, I am definite on taking research and academia as my career.

Prasoon Suchandra
AE, IIT Kanpur
SURGE 2012

SURGE 2016 Participants


Support for SURGE

SURGE is hugely supported from funds raised from a variety of sources including gifts from individuals, foundations, and corporations by the Dean of Resources and Alumni office. It has been a success due to the generosity of our alumni and friends who continue to make annual gifts and contribute to the SURGE endowment to build a robust financial base. Endowments help to ensure the future of the SURGE program and provide students with unparalleled research opportunities.

IIT Kanpur deeply appreciates your support and look forward to receiving more in the coming years.




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