• The Oldest Inhabitant, a grand inherited Sentinel, continues to adorn the institute’s landscape since its inception.
    Its vast canopy, supported by hanging roots and sprawling branches, truly represents the symbiotic relationship between the institute and its alumni, supporting, sustaining and nurturing each other and making seminal contributions to the global economy. With this classic Banyan beauty at the entrance, PARK 67 is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

  • Green walkways breathing life.

  • Socialization zones brightened with the hues of red, orange, yellow and pink.

  • Amphi-theatre of peace and serenity.

  • The beautiful landscape and the aesthetic design of the park make it an idyllic place for improving health and wellness.

  • A walk through its leafy paths amidst the myriad hues of flora and fauna or a meditative trance in its serene ambience – the park is truly a source of joy and rejuvenation for kids and elderly alike.

  • The green oasis, spread over 2 acres, receives visitors from far-off places as well – (a) Painted-lady, most commonly seen in winters; (b) Tawny coster, seen in winter and rainy season; (c) Taiga-Flycatcher, a winter migratory bird; (d) Not to mention the permanent resident of the campus, the blue creature, who continues to amuse everyone.

  • A memory of yesteryear brought to life to stand as a symbol of peace and harmony forever.