Opportunity School

Opportunity School was established in 1967. Its purpose is to provide affordable quality education to wards of economically weaker sections of IIT Kanpur’s extended family. These individuals are not necessarily on IITK’s payrolls, but are nevertheless integral part of IITK community as daily wage workers, domestic worker, rickshaw pullers etc. The school has been recognized up to class 8 by the UP Board of Education.Besides academic activities, the school also conducts a large number of extracurricular activities regularly. Last year, it started a “Skill Development Program”. Through this program, the school aims to provide all students with specific skills which can help students supplement their incomes post their graduation. In the year 2019-2020, the school conducted a pilot project in which a large number of students were provided tailoring skills. For this, the school procured a large number of sewing machines. The school now plans to incorporate Skill Development Classes into formal class schedule. The school, through the support of various benefactors also has two important programs for students.
These are:

  • Breakfast program for all students.

  • Financial support to students post their graduation from the school for their higher studies.

  • Need as well as merit-based scholarships.

The School had a great beginning to the year 2020, as the New Opportunity School building was inaugurated in February 2020. Through the generous donations of Prof. Chandralekha Singh, the new building was constructed. IITK is ever grateful to Prof. Singh for giving back to the society.