Mr. Sahil Baghla


Mr. Sahil Baghla, CEO/Co-founder of Audience, a decentralized user behavior data platform based on Blockchain, is a passionate and detail oriented serial entrepreneur with five startups to his credit. With execution excellence and business foresight, he is driven by his zeal which has encouraged him to venture into various sectors of the business world. In August 2011, he, along with his batchmate, launched his first start-up Bluegape from his IITK hostel room to print customized posters.


Mr. Baghla obtained his B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from IIT Kanpur in 2012. During his grad days, he served as the overall coordinator of the entrepreneurship cell. From May to July 2010, he was a visiting student at the University of Kansas. The following year, from May to July 2011, he did his three-month summer internship at Orbis Biosciences. Soon after, in August 2011, he and his classmate invested Rs. 2 lakhs and launched Bluegape which received seed funding from TLabs.

Within a few months, Bluegape evolved as a personalized poster company with a limited clientele within IITK campus. Satisfied by their initial success, in December 2011, the duo expanded their website to a national level and started taking orders online as a fan Merchandise e-commerce platform. Gradually, the company started making personalized coffee mugs, laptop skins, cushion covers and T-shirts. It also supplied merchandise to several retailers across the country. After tweaking the business model several times, the duo rebranded it as Murmur, a content discovery app, in January 2015.

Within 20 days of launching the app in October 2015, it recorded close to 70K downloads and became a trending app on Google Play store for a short span. The app offered users a daily digest of news and stories in their preferred language and interest areas. It was one of the eight Apps shortlisted by Google for its first Launchpad accelerator program. In June 2016, Sahil co-founded Darwin Labs, a startup studio identifying opportunities, building the co-founding teams and creating profitable startups. That very year, in December 2016, he co-founded another company called Satoshi Studios, South East Asia's first Blockchain Incubator invested by Bitcoin Pioneers like Amit Bhardwaj, Roger Ver, Michael Terpin to name a few.

An aspiring entrepreneur,,Sahil Baghla shows no signs of stopping. His appetite for risks and startups continues to grow. In May 2017, he launched his fifth venture Audience. During his entire entrepreneurial journey, he has been through numerous ups and downs but as he says,"Sometimes we've failed really badly and sometimes we've been able to generate great value with our efforts. But in retrospect,we've enjoyed every single moment of that madness and we're game for more of it."