Shivani Centre for the Nurture and Re-integration of Hindi and Other Indian Languages (OILs)

Mr. Muktesh Pant (BT/CHE/1976) is the Founder, Micky and Vinita Pant Charitable Foundation. He graduated from IIT Kanpur with a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering in 1976.

Through his generous contributions, IITK has established Shivani Centre for the Nurture and Re-Integration of Hindi and Other Indian Languages (OILs) at IIT Kanpur. The Center has been instituted with an aim to provide a smooth initiation for students who come from Hindi and other Indian languages backgrounds and for students who have not been exposed to English as the medium of instruction at school so that they seamlessly integrate with academic and social culture of IIT Kanpur, make full use of the academic opportunities presented to them and can look forward to a bright future for themselves.

The amount donated will be utilized for the following purposes:

  • Prepare welcome/orientation booklets, course content of first-year students and aid the availability of text and reference books in Hindi and OILs.
  • Conduct seminars/workshops for sensitization of faculty and students towards the difficulties of students from Hindi and OILs background.
  • Incentivize faculty and assist them in the production of bilingual/ multilingual notes and study material and help the language disadvantaged students to follow the content delivered in their regular lectures.
  • Promote author-publisher partnerships to encourage the writing and publication of STEM textbooks in Hindi and OILs.
  • Promote the development and access to digital tools in Hindi and OILs.
  • Develop technologies for translation of English into Indian languages, making new fonts available for Hindi and OILs and development of web-based resources in Hindi and other Indian languages.
  • Incentivize faculty/students for development of technological tools for Hindi and OILs through undergraduate projects, master’s theses, and other academic activities.
  • Liaise with software companies for the development of such tools and provide internships and employment to students who are well-versed with Hindi and other Indian Languages.
  • Socio-emotional integration of students from Hindi and Other Indian Language (OIL) backgrounds at IIT Kanpur by conducting campus activities using these languages, involve several student clubs to organize their activities (competitions, workshops, etc.) in Hindi and OILs. Motivate students to publish magazines, create forums, etc. in Hindi and OILs.
  • Communication and artistic expression using Hindi and OILs as media: Promote digital and print content in form of multilingual notifications, news and other announcements, manage literary, popular science and current affairs content in Hindi and OILs.
  • Organize literary workshops, book-festivals, and competitions in Hindi and other Indian languages.