Students Initiatives

At IIT Kanpur, every student is nurtured in the best possible manner as we believe that it is they who carry on the legacy of the institute and leave its imprint on the globe. To ensure their holistic growth and development, a large number of scholarships, awards and grants have been set up thus enabling them to realise their dreams and ours too. These are made available every year with the help of funds received from different sources.


Student scholarships are aimed at motivating students to excel in their academic endeavours and also at providing financial assistance to the meritorious and needy students.




2010-till date


Total no. of benefited students

Conference Assistance

Conference Assistance opens up an opportunity for students to participate in international conferences and seminars, and present their research work. To facilitate this, a partial financial assistance for travel, registration and other expenses is provided to them.


Total no. of conferences


Total no. of students who attended conferences