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    Phase I

    Autonomous Navigation Vehicle

    Abhyast is an autonomous navigation vehicle.The task of the vehicle is to localise itself(its position in terms of the coordinates) on the given terrain and navigate to the destination place by avoiding obstacles.The vehicle is planned to establish its connection with the operator via pre-existing GSM network, hence its application is not restricted to the range of any user established wireless networks. The payload of the vehicle is to capture images of the destination place and come back (or if possible send them via MMS using the same GSM network). Our objective here is to develop a robot which acts as an aid to the operator in carrying out a specific task rather than an entity which is in need of continuous attention of the operator.

    Our UGV is a sensor-rich mobile robot consisting of sensors both for the internal and external environments. The external sensors interact with the environment to determine the external environmental conditions of the robot and the internal sensors continuously monitor the robot's response to these environmental conditions.

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    Relationships of Boeing India with Universties and Research Institutes

    Boeing has launched the University Relations program in India to promote aerospace engineering as a career alternative among students. Creating a strong pipeline of talented engineers will go a long way towards creating a vibrant aerospace ecosystem. The University relations program provides scholarships to undergraduate and masters students based on merit and their interest in Aerospace related engineering disciplines. It also supports design competitions through which students gain hands-on exposure to unique aerospace related engineering challenges. These competitions have already yielded working prototypes of autonomous vehicles and radio controlled aircraft completely designed and built by students themselves. In addition, the University Relations program also engages Boeing executives with university students to provide them the opportunity to understand career options in the sector by directly interacting with aerospace practitioners.

    Boeing partners with leading universities and research institutes in India to undertake industry-relevant research in areas of mutual interest. Boeing researchers work hand in hand with faculty and researchers at these institutes to develop next generation technologies that will find application on aircrafts of the future.

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