Bomb Disposal Project

The aim of the project was to build a wirelessly controlled robot that could pick up suspicious objects like bombs and dispose them off to a safe zone thus saving a huge number of human lives. The robot had two sliders that were powered through encoders and this made it possible for the robot to extend or contract its arms. There were two actuators which could close and expand the grippers, thus providing the gripping action. The center of the robot was a wedge which could carry the suspicious object on its chassis and there were rollers mounted to provide minimal friction. After teh grippers slid the object over the wedge, it could flatten out and carry the bomb to a safe zone.

Phase IV task

The Phase IV project is based on creating a swarm of aerial vehicles that would create the entire 3D map of an unknown environment. The map will be used to decide the gradient that can be traversed by a ground robot according to its physical constraints and hence find the optimal path between two points which can be traversed by the ground robot. The ground robot would autonomously traverse over the path found and reach the other point avoiding obstacles. This project has extremely useful application for traversing in unknown environments and perform rescue operations along with accurate mapping of the environment.

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