Dr. Utpal Das


Senior Member IEEE


Aparnacharan Ganguly Prize


Eminent Scientist (Tau Beta Pi)

Patents approved (past one year: 2010-2011) -

Title of the invention: "Interactive Software for Wavelength Dependant Refractive Index and Absorption Coefficient Calculation and Determination".
Processing for a US patent with the IITK SIDBI office.

Associated Projects and Areas where Consultancy may be provided:

(i)Sponsored Projects Conducted :

Department of EE and LTP - IIT Kanpur.
1)MCIT, Rs. 1.06 Crore, "Nano-sized SiC based quantum structures on Si by spin-on techniques". PI [Completed]
2)DST, 0.24 Crore, "High Speed Coarse Wdm Waveguide Photodiodes By Quantum Well Intermixing". PI [Completed]
3)DST-FIST, Rs. 2.95 Crore, "Sensor Laboratory". Co-PI [Completed]
4)TMRS, Rs. 1.60 Crore, "Fog Vision Instrumentation". PI [Completed]
5)MHRD, Rs. 0.01 Crore, on "Suspended inductors on GaAs for 20GHz Applications" PI [Completed].
6)CSIR, Delhi, Rs 0.07 Crore on "Microstripline based microwave impedance matching circuits for OEIC applications". PI [Completed]
7)Defence R&D Organization, Govt. of India of Rs 0.12 Crore on "High Speed Photodiode Arrays for Optical Auto-Corelation Signals". PI [Completed]

Photonics Laboratory - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA.
[(i)Period,    (ii)Sponsoring Organization,    (iii)Title of Project,    (iv)Amount of grant,    (v)Co-PI.]
1)(i) May 1991-April 1994,
   (ii) DARPA-Air Force Research Office,
   (iii) "Advanced nonlinear optical waveguides, switches, lasers, and modulators for Integrated Interconnects and Systems",
   (iv) US$600,000.00,
   (v) Co-PI: Prof. R. V. Ramaswamy
2)(i) May 1992-April 1993,
   (ii) National Science Foundation,
   (iii) "Undergraduate Laboratory",
   (iv) US$100,000.00 with matching grant of US$100,000.00 from the University,
   (v) Co-PIs: Prof. R. Srivastava, Prof. R. Ramaswamy and Prof. P. Zory
3)(i) Sept. 1990-Aug. 1991,
   (ii) Florida High Technology and Industrial Council, State of Florida,
   (iii) Opto- Electronic Devices on Silicon Substrates for 0.9-1.55 micrometre Transceiver Applications,
   (iv) $15,000.00,
   (v) Co-PI: Prof. R. V. Ramaswamy
4)(i) May 1989 - April 1990,
   (ii) Defense Advanced Research Program Authority (DARPA),
   (iii) "Integrated Optical Devices By Selective Area Regrowth of InGaAsP/InP MQW's",
   (iv) $ 70,000.00,
   (v) Co-PI : Prof. T. J. Anderson and Prof. R. V. Ramaswamy
5)(i) May 1989-Aug 1989
   (ii) State of Florida,
   (iii) "Research on Optoelectronics",
   (iv) $ 13,000.00,
   (v) None

   (ii) Consultancy may be provided in any of the items in Areas of Interest