Dr. Utpal Das

Work Experience:

- Professor, Dept. of EE, IIT Kanpur, (Sept. 13, 2001 - Present)
- Associate Professor, Dept. of EE, IIT Kanpur, (May 24, 1997 - May 2001)
- Assistant Professor, Dept. of EE, IIT Kanpur, (deferred from Mar. 31, 93 to Mar. 31, 94 - May 24, 97)
- Assistant Professor, Dept. of EECS, University of Florida, (Sept. 15, 1988 - Mar. 25, 1994)
- Research Fellow, Dept. of EECS, University of Florida, (Jan.1988 - Aug 1988)

Research Experience:

(Mar 94 - Present ) Department of EE - IIT Kanpur.
- 128x128 strained quantum well photodiode arrays by RIE processing.
- SiC blue light emitting quantum-dash nanostructures on Si by spin-on technique.
- Impurity Induced Disordered Quantum Well waveguide high-speed photodiodes.
- Impurity Induced Disordered Quantum Well Bragg Gratings for CWDM.
- Impurity Induced Disordered Quantum Well grating assisted couplers for CWDM.
- Analysis and fabrication of Micro-strip and suspended substrate impedance matching networks on RTDuroid and GaAs.
- Impedance matching stubs on dielectric and semiconducting substrates for OEIC.
- Analysis of GaAs growth on Silicon.

(Sept. 1988- Feb. 1994) Photonics Laboratory-University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA.
- MOCVD Growth of AlGaAs/GaAs lasers.
- GaAs growth on Silicon.
- Characterization of impurity induced disordering of strained GaAsP/GaAlAs and InGaP/GaAs multiquantum wells with Fluorine implantation.
- InGaAsP MOCVD regrown waveguides and couplers.
- AlGaAs/GaAs laser - modulator integration by Zn-impurity induced layer disordering.

(Jan.1988-Aug 1988) Solid State Electronics Lab -Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA.
- MBE growth of InGaAs/GaAs strained heterostructures and quantum wells.
- Fabrication and characterization of monolithic strained layer optical waveguides.
- Non-linear properties of multiquantum well waveguides and couplers with a hybrid Mach-Zehnder interferometer.
- Integration of In-doped GaAs waveguides with InGaAs/GaAs modulator/detector using MBE regrowth and ion-milling.
- Fabrication of III-V semiconductor photodiodes and their responsivity and microwave speed characterization.
- Measurement of GaAs/AlGaAs vertical coupler and non-linear optical switching properties.

Teaching Experience :

- IIT Kanpur, Dept. of EE and LTP, Kanpur 208016, - Mar. 1994 to present
- University of Florida, Dept. of EE, Gainesville, FL (USA) - Sept. 1988 to Feb. 1994
Taught 10 different Undergraduate core courses and 12 Postgraduate courses of which 4 were newly introduced by the PI.
Also introduced a laboratory based course on Optics and Optical Communications.
Students Supervised: PhD-1, M. Tech. - 42, DIIT - 2, B. Tech. - 10.
Present Students: PhD - 4, M. Tech. - 1, B.Tech.-2.