Student Culture

It’s a good place to meet like- minded people and learn and grow together. The campus community forms a close knit group and you make friends for life here. The campus, the people and this life has made a stronger and confident person.


Interested in something? There will be a club for it. If there isn't one, you can open your own. (assuming, of course, that you get enough people interested in the same activity) More importantly, you don't have to approach a professor for opening a club, you just put up a proposal in front of the "Students' Gymkhana"(composed almost entirely of students in executive positions). If the Gymkhana approves it, you are done.


If someone were to ask me what truly sets IIT Kanpur apart, my answer would be the freedom that the students are given and the trust that the authorities have in us. Starting from the very basic, there is no concept of an "in-time" in hostels, allowing students to pursue moonshots in different technical clubs or just goof around in the campus (or SAC, which has a food court which stays open until 4 am in the morning). The college festivals: Antaragni, Techkriti and Udghosh are planned and executed by the Core Teams (comprised entirely of students) at the behest of the Students' Gymkhana - which oversees all student activities. The Students' Senate is an empowered body which acts as a medium to convey the aspirations of students to the Institute authorities. Who in turn ensure that all decisions affecting the student body is taken only after careful consideration of the students opinions. Even the placements which requires a professional dialogue between multinational companies like Google, Microsoft etc is handled impeacably by the students.


If there is anything such as a single defining feature of IIT-Kanpur, it is liberty. You don't have LAN bans, download limits, compulsory attendance (except in some courses where it is a small percentage (5-10%) of the overall course weightage), no fixed time by which you should be in the campus etc. There is no dress code (students frequently come to lectures, project demos etc. in tees and shorts). Boys are allowed in girls' hostels and vice-versa until 12AM, and you are free to go to your friend's room in such cases.

Students' Gymkhana

The entire environment is planned to give a conducive atmosphere for a holistic learning – to focus on the development of personality as a whole.The Student Gymkhana makes sure that the student leads a very active life when present in campus. It understand that the average student coming in has led a very monotonous life during the preparation days and feels he needs to diversify and wants to develop his personality as a whole. It makes sure that there is some thing in the campus from Cultural to Sports to Technical through one of the institute's pillar of strength.

Cultural Council

Facebook Page:

“A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people.”- Mahatma Gandhi

The Cultural Council of the Students' Gymkhana organizes a plethora of activities spanning over the whole year. With a calendar punctuated by scores of workshops and classes over the year, including the summers, the Council provides the students profuse platforms to pursue various cultural genres, train themselves, perform on stage or just appreciate various cultural arts. The students are also given a chance to hone their skills and compete with other prolific colleges in intercollegiate cultural festivals. The council gives ample opportunities to the students to cement them into the cultural scene at IIT Kanpur through events like FRESHERS' NIGHT, IMPRESSIONS, GALAXY (Inter-Hall Championship) and other club events.

Dance Club

"Dancing is like dreaming with your feet."

At Dance Club here, dance is just not our hobby or extracurricular activity. It is what defines us, it is our identity. We organize plethora of events throughout the year and the only pre-requisite for participating is your enthusiasm. We cover various styles such as Locking, Popping, Salsa, Jazz, Bollywood, Swag, Wacking and the most important part; all of them are taught from the scratch.

Dance Extravaganza: The annual showcase of Dance Club which brings forward the brimming talent of the institute. Dandiya Night , Yeh Shaam Mastani and much more !! We also participate in many intercollege festivals like Antaragni, Rendezvous, etc.

Dramatics Club

"Movies make you famous, television makes you rich and theater makes you good."

Have you really missed the stage you performed upon in your school and this dreaded JEE preparation came in way? Dramatics club a.k.a Fursat Mandali provides you the right opportunity to relive your passion once again. The team uses the art of expression with unmatched enthusiasm to help address the maladies of the society and to form an impetus for change.

We here at Fursat Mandali, IITK organise professional theater workshops, competitions and the Dramatics Eve (one per semester). We also participate in national level competitions like Antaragni and Rendezvous, etc. and have emerged as one of the best dramatics societies in the country. So come and join us to be a part of this change, this legacy.

English Literary Society

“Language is a virus from outer space.” - William S. Burroughs

If that is so, the ELS proudly claims to be infected. Symptoms include constant urges to celebrate the English language in all its forms: Queen’s to urban slang, through JAMs, Creative Writing, Dumb Charades, Poetry Slam, Debates, Word Games etc. If you suffer from a similar affliction, your name’s going on the list, welcome to the club.

Hindi Sahitya Sabha

Committed to the cause of promotion of Hindi, we seek to provide a platform for students to experience and explore various avenues of Hindi literature and realising its relevance in our lives. Fun activities like crosswords, dumb charades and JAM are juxtaposed with more 'solemn' activities like poetry, debating, creative writing etc. to promote our belief that the beauty of literature lies not just in obscure seeming lines of poetry but is intertwined with our lives through its multifarious expressions.

Fine Arts Club

"Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known" - Oscar Wilde

The Fine Arts Club brings together the great talents, new art maneuvers & the funky tit-bits of creativity & vigour together into an inspiring & colourful world of creation, talent and zeal. Here we conduct professional workshops, hall level workshop, and many other, takes part in our cultural fest, inter hall fest and also fests of other IITs. Here we got a platform to exchange arts and polish our own. Fine Arts Club inherits a legacy of hard work, dedication and team spirit from a heritage of great and inspiring seniors who remain a part of the club even after years of their passing out. Unleash your inner hidden artist.

Music Club

Music club is a place where a variety of genres are appreciated and nurtured, be it rock, metal, blues, jazz or Hindustani. It is a place where people come to jam, learn and enjoy different flavours of music. The club conducts various activities throughout the year like grand musical shows and innovative workshops. Club members also participate in various musical competitions. Students here have won laurels at various platforms, with instances of people having pursued music as a career later on in their lives. Members have been constantly involved in creating new compositions which are recorded in the club’s recording studio. Some have even displayed their immense talent and have gone ahead to compose songs.

The flagship event organized by the Music club is Musical Extravaganza, which is held once each semester. It is an event in which members of the club perform covers of songs of varied genres, as well as some original compositions. We also organize the Acoustic Night once each year.

Debate & Discussions Society

The goal of the society is to provide a platform for IITK junta to hone their discussion and debating skills. Whether you are interested in just informal discussions, or in structured Parliamentary Debating & MUN, as long as you like Debate & Discussion, this the place for you.

Quiz Club

For the knowledge buffs here in IIT Kanpur, Quiz Club organizes regular quizzes on every topic under the Sun and also in the dark. From Sports to Entertainment, Technology to Silver Screen and India to World we challenge you in all fields. Frequent quiz meets and few “quiz weeks” are organized. The culmination of all these are festivals(Antaragni & Techkriti) where quizzes are organized by quizmasters from all over the country. When even that is not enough, you get to test your mettle against the best in the country in Nihilanth(All IITs & IIMs),Mood Indigo(IITB),Rendezvous(IITD). For regular updates visit our Blog:

Freshers Nite

Films & Media Council

Facebook Page :

“The World is nothing but a canvas to Imagination” – Henry David Thoreau

Films and Media Council intends to serve and cater the creativity, imagination and the joy of animating, film making, photography, radio jockeying, designing and watching movies among the campus junta. It also serves as a platform for campus journalism spreading awareness and making it a place where people can express themselves and voice their needs with freedom. It is a medium through which people can learn to express themselves differently in a manner that is subtle yet strong at the same time while growing throughout the process. We intend to empower people through a diversified media promoting an environment more involving in terms of both activities and reward.

Animation Club

“Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn.”- Norman McLaren

We think the whole idea of 3d modeling and animation is quite intriguing in itself. This club helps students learn how to create their own animations and animated films, dealing with all aspects of animation from the very basics to the most technical details involved in the process. Lectures on 3-D animation, ffspecial effects and 3-D game design are organized from time to time.

Anime Society

“Because they saved me from myself, they rescued me from my loneliness. They were the first to accept me for who I am. They’re my friends.” – Uzumaki Naruto

Yes, you read that right, for all the anime and manga lovers out there, we have an anime society which organizes anime screenings, anime discussion sessions at regular intervals. Ever wished to discuss a theory you came up with after an episode or found a new treasure of Anime series. Come and share it with us and live the joy of watching anime.

Design Club

“Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.” - Dieter Rams

Design is not just about aesthetics or making beauty. Design can be a solution. Design can be an art and yes design can be aesthetics. In fact, Design is such a vast field that it can be used in almost anywhere, from planning your own day to writing your project report. We aim at making you a better designer. Regular lectures and projects on the fundamental concepts of different domains of design such as graphic design, architecture, product, services etc. and various software and tools used in these are taken.

Film Club

Youtube Channel :

“Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes.”- Robert Altman

With activities ranging from home movie making to video editing, from sizzling ads to catchy trailers, it is undoubtedly one of the most assiduous club. Apart from its own activities, Film Club strives to spread its art to the campus community through lecture series, Ad making competitions, movie making projects etc.

Photography Club

Flickr Photostream :

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”- Dorothea Lange

Celebrating vibrance in multitude of eye pleasing sights and breath taking instances, Photography club aims to capture them all. It strives to provide opportunities to the students to hone their creative skills and create the photographs that speak their own word. Photography club has high grade equipments in terms of digital SLRs and lenses. It has a studio with all professional level setup. Photography club substantially encourages the budding photographers in the campus by conducting the trips, lectures, workshops and the competitions.

Radio 90.4

Radio 90.4 FM is your own radio station in the campus. Cool isn’t it? Workshops on radio jockeying, voice modulation, communication skills, script writing and editing of audios are being held. Competitions based on making radio shows, prank calls etc. are being held.

Student Film Society

Screening Schedule :

This club caters the interest of the people through screening of movies and matches throughout the year. Regular Film galas are organized where we watch foreign language movies and have a discussion about them. We have a diverse collection of movies, tutorials, software and archive of various activities happened over past years in the campus. Ever want to know the history of IITK, come to us and we will serve you.

Vox Populi

Website :

“There is a tradition that sees journalism as the dark side of literature, with book writing at its zenith. I don't agree. I think that all written work constitutes literature, even graffiti.”- Eduardo Galeano

Journalism is an integral part of any active community and Vox Populi, the journalist society of the campus come under its aegis. It caters to all the print and video journalism in the campus with its publications: Vox Populi, the newsletter and Insight 360 (video journalism wing of Vox Populi). We cover all that goes on inside the alive and kicking IIT Kanpur campus, ranging from festivals like Antaragni to discussions happening in students’ senate, from faculties to alumni, we thrive to engage them all with campus junta. We arrange workshops for writing, VJing and video making throughout the year so that the enthusiasts can hone their skills and novice can grasp their nuances!

Animation Club

Design Team

Film Club

Photography Club

Sports Facilities

IIT Kanpur is not just about academics but also has world class sports facilities. It has two cricket fields, a 400 metres track, an Olympic sized swimming pool, separate floodlit football and hockey fields, floodlit basketball courts (2 synthetic, 1 cemented), volleyball and tennis (six synthetic) courts, indoor basketball and badminton stadiums, indoor arenas for weightlifting and squash, a skating rink, a taekwondo arena, table tennis rooms, a yoga room, two well­equipped gymnasiums and the list goes on and on.

Science & Technology Council

Facebook Page:

Web Page: Projects Wiki

Science and Technology Council aims to bring student activity in consonance with the broader technological forum. Our aim is to promote students from the grass root level bootstrapping them through Takneek, gradually improving skills, developing capabilities to plan and implement more involved, through cutting edge projects.

Aeromodelling Club

Youtube Video : Aeromodelling Club

Our main objective is to promote aeromodelling as hobby in our campus. We design, model and build our own aircrafts, multi-rotors and hovercrafts, introducing different categories of aeromodelling to campus junta. Members are exposed to new methods by collaborating projects and activities with experienced students and faculties as well. Weeklong aeromodelling events are held, fun filled open to all competitions are organised for the students.

Astronomy Club

We attempt to bring about an interest and awareness in the field of Astronomy and Space Research. We intend to promote amateur astronomy through talks, competitions and shows. Astronomy is fun, but it can be even more fun when you do it with other people. Through various observation sessions by telescope and at the The Observatory for Astronomical Research (OAAR), we impart hands on skills and knowledge to all those willing to learn.

Business Club

Our Vision is to provide a platform for the entire campus residents to learn and understand the nuances of finance and business management. We conduct a lot of workshops and guest lectures throughout the year to prepare the interested students for various offcampus and intracampus business competitions. We also provide adequate resources to them for the same. Our activities include B-quizzes, Case studies, B-plans, Market analysis & strategy.

Electronics Club

Electronics Club Projects

With “Innovation, Imagination and Application” as our motto we take club as a platform to discuss about matters which concerns our precious interest in electronics and bring out some cool, useful projects which could be put forward as our flagship products. We offer all the electronics lovers many chances throughout the year to learn, share knowledge from basics to advanced fields of electronics.

Programming Club

Website :

Programming is an art required in almost all spheres of life, and we inculcate that talent in the people who want to learn it. Introductory lectures and workshops cater to the people who are willing to learn coding. On the other hand, highly motivated and knowledgeable people are provided with necessary equipment/resources for their project. We organize activities ranging from App Development, Hacking to Algorithm development and Gaming.

Robotics Club

Youtube Video : Robotics Club

Robotics Club Projects

We promote interest for Robotics among the people in the campus by conducting various funfilled activities among students. We are a community of students who derive pleasure in creating mechanical peers that may be potent to work without human intervention. We organise regular lectures and workshops and work on projects like Humanoid and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle.

Hobby Groups

  • Biological Research and Innovation Network (BRaIN) Hobby Group - Video
  • Design and Construction (DesCon) Hobby Group
  • Gliding Hobby group
  • Rubik's Cube Hobby Group
  • Science Coffee House

Institute Technical Teams

  • Team Robocon - Robocon WebPage Facebook Page

    ABU-Robocon, The most prestigious robotics competition in South-East Asia. IIT Kanpur was the pioneer to start off and host Robocon India, in the year 2002. Since then every year most enthusiast students in Institute work hard to build robots to participate in Robocon. Team Robocon, IITK was second runner up in Robocon India 2016. So if you are interested in robotics, this is the team you should wish to be in!

  • IITK Motorsports - Facebook Page

    With the aim of promoting Automotive Culture in the campus and hands on Engineering experience, we design, manufacture and race Formula and BAJA student vehicles at National and International competitions. If the sound of screeching tires and roaring engines give you goosebumps, this is the team you should be in!

  • Team Varun (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle)

Entrepreneurship Cell

Facebook Page:

I create.
I take risks.
I live my passion.
I am an entrepreneur

While ‘Entrepreneurship' is growing to be one of the business world's biggest buzz words, the E- Cell at IIT Kanpur envisions a time, when youth will look up to the new generation of CEO’s and entrepreneurs as their modern day rock stars.

Motivated by this vision, the students at E-Cell are working to induce an entrepreneurial mindset into the students and to air an innovative streak in them. We are here to water the ‘Ideas’ in the bud and help them bloom into impactful endeavors. We are here to support the aspiring entrepreneurs of the future and also to drive-in the real sense of ‘entrepreneurship’ in those, who are new to this entrancing word.

We are working towards building an inspired GenNext who has the inbuilt urge to innovate, take risks, shoulder social responsibility and indulge in creative execution of their vibrant ideas.

E-Cell effectively meets these objectives through networking student enterprises from campus to incubators, seeding funds and angel investors to transform the newly proposed ideas into successful start-ups.

The cell has various verticals to achieve its goal. The present structure of the cell comprises of following wings:

  • Startup Development: To address queries and assist campus startups
  • Corporate Relations: To build the industry relations of cell
  • Events: To plan and organize various entrepreneurial events
  • Design: To ideate and design the creative content for cell
  • Finance and Logistics: To manage and record cell finances, handle logistics
  • Marketing: To bring in funds through monetary deals for events
  • Media and Publicity: To publicise cell activities within campus and beyond
  • Startup Internship Program: To help students intern at startups


ESSENCE stands for Empowering Start-up Scheme to Encourage and Nurture Campus Entrepreneurs. It is essentially an opportunity to spend the summers working on your own entrepreneurial idea under in a structured and mentored way, honing your skills alongside through various workshops and building a network in the entrepreneurial community.


E-Summit is an annual flagship event of IIT Kanpur effectuated with the intention to foster entrepreneurial initiatives and activities in the campus to accomplish IIT Kanpur's mandate of nurturing India's future technopreneurs. E-Summit promises to be one of India's biggest entrepreneurial platforms for the academic community, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs and all those passionate about entrepreneurship. It brings them all to a common ground to engage in plenary, strategic and tactical breakout sessions and facilitates sharing of entrepreneurship endeavours and experiences, discussion of ideas and opportunities to profuse learning experience for the active leaders of entrepreneurship in the savant community who can then disperse these ideas further.


IIT Kanpur, backed by its highly elaborate, yet efficient E-Cell, is quickly cementing its status as a cradle for a multitude of start-ups. These ever growing ventures have their feet dug deep in areas ranging from core science to life smoothening apps. At E-Cell, the will to execute anything creative is valued more than anything else. If you have a bright idea, and you are ready to push the limits to breathe life into it, then you've knocked at the right door. Many state of the art facilities are served on the platter for the emerging entrepreneurs here. These facilities include the SIDBI Innovation and Incubation Centre, Motwani Ideation Accelerator and the Syndicate Bank Entrepreneurship Research and Training Centre. The E-Cell also provides for labs with state of the art facilities like the Tinkering Lab and 4i Lab.


A series of in house lectures on basics of entrepreneurship and business are organised to create awareness and answer questions of enthusiastic students. Founders of campus startups often grace the lectures with their presence, providing insight into the ground reality. This is essentially your introductory course to the entrepreneurial world.


An independently organised TED event, TEDx IITKanpur is hosted by the E-Cell team every year to bring forth ideas and share them with the world. Distinguished speakers share their ideas from the fields of Technology, Media, Arts and Entertainment. The idea is to introduce attendees to an experience that shall invoke inquisitiveness and encourage free-flow discussion.

Campus Hangouts

Informal discussion sessions among the entrepreneurial community of campus where the startup cofounders share the problems they are facing, students share their ideas, and discuss the happenings of the startup world.

Startup Internship Programmes

SIP(Startup Internship Program) is a major part of E-Cell, IIT Kanpur. It provides the students of IIT Kanpur with an unprecedented opportunity to connect with young and upcoming companies who are set to become the power houses of NexGen India. Numerous companies are invited to recruit students for internship. There are companies from sectors of marketing, multimedia advertising, coding, on-line ventures and many more.

Community Welfare Cell

The Community Welfare Cell (CWC) aims to work for the community in and around the campus which includes students, faculty members, the staff members, the workers and their families and people living in small radius outside the campus boundary.

The Cell currently has six wings under it:


Pragati was started in 2016 with a vision to bring some technological and innovational change in rural and social fields. They work to achieve equality in development. Currently, they are working on Solar Power Plant and Cell Project.


Prakriti Website

Prakriti is a students initiative which is working in the field of environmental awareness and impact assessment to achieve equality in terms of sustainability. Currently, we are working of Bio Gas and Waste Management Projects.


Prayas was started in 2001 with a vision to help the kids in and around the campus, who do not have access to quality schools, in their studies. Centered on this theme, the vision has steadily evolved to encompass the idea of overall development of the kids which may not be possible in the environment which they come from.To realize this vision, in addition to regular teaching on 5 days a week , Prayas has various daily/weekly/yearly activities in its schedule, like daily assembly to inculcate speaking and listening skills in kids , ‘play day’ on Fridays, organizing in-house drawing competitions as well as encouraging and arranging their participation in various competitions in district.


Raktarpan is a students initiative which aims to tackle the grim situation of blood shortage in Kanpur. It works to promote voluntary blood donation and to ensure that no person has to suffer due to shortage of blood. Several blood donation camps in IIT as well as outside with handling a large number of helpline requests is how it proceeds to eradicate the blood shortage problem in the city.


Unmukt is a students initiative working to address the gender and sexual diversity in the community and to achieve equality against discrimination. They function as an awareness group , which hold regular discussion sessions and spreads its message .

Vivekananda Samiti

Vivekananda Samiti is one of the oldest student bodies functioning over 40 years, thus spreading the message of Swami Vivekananda among the campus residents. It has conducted several activities which include community service like literary camps and health camps for under-privileged children in the campus, weekly discussions on Swami Vivekananda’s life and teachings, Vedanta classes, meditation sessions, talks and workshops, on value education, personality development workshop, and distribution of Vivekananda literature among youth.

Outreach Cell

Outreach Cell is a new cell in the Students' Gymkhana envisioned to act as a bridge between the institute and the outside world : connecting the alumni, the corporate world, potential faculty, prospective students and the society as a whole to the institute. The cell engages in improving the perception of the institute globally.

The cell coordinates with the institute bodies like Information Cell, Media and Publicity Centre and the DoRA office for achieving its objectives. The work of the cell is mainly divided into the following wings:


The Relations wing is the direct point of contact with the outside world: maintaining relations with alumni by attending meetups and alumni chapter across the country, spreading awareness among potential students by visiting cities to organizing info sessions and also getting in touch with corporate world for collaborations. The team works hard towards connecting with the distinguished alumni of the institute in an attempt to make them feel connected to their alma mater so that a contribution can be seen from the alumni towards the development of the institute.

Creatives (Content)

This is basically the brain behind the cell. It works towards generating content that the outside world would find engaging to read while creating a positive image of the institute such as content for future students website and offline sessions, presentations at alumni meets, collating and pitching Students’ Gymkhana proposals to corporates, etc. The team is responsible for content with the widest reach when compared to the other content generated on campus.

Creatives (Design & Video)

Creating content in the form of engaging media is essential. The wing is responsible for acquiring and processing of content in the form of photos, posters and videos. The team focuses on delivering the required content in the simplest and most engaging form. This is the wing that adds the icing to our cake and makes the content presentable.

Creatives (Web)

The world today has moved online and to reach and convey information about the institute to the outside world, we need a strong online presence with a sublime website. The team works on building and maintaining one of the institutes most visited domains. This wing makes all the stunning content global.

Academics and Research Cell

Academics and Research Cell (ARC) as the name suggests acts as an interface between the Institute policy makers and the students for academic and research affairs. The major role of the Cell is to address the concerns of the students regarding their academics and research.

First, the Cell guides and helps students address their concerns on matters related to their academics and research work, like queries related to their academic programme/curriculum, general academic processes (registration, add/drop of courses etc.) or any other issue that they may face.

Second, it actively works towards improving existing as well as developing new academic and research policies and ensuring their implementation for a better academic setup at IITK. And lastly, promoting more and better quality of research collaborations and improving the international relations of the institute with its foreign counterparts is a major part of its work.

UG/PG Academics Wing

This wing is responsible for the academic related work of the ARC. It’s majors works involve:

  • Gathering of student opinion on matters of critical importance
  • Spreading awareness about the academic policies, rules and regulations
  • Helping students out with their templates, semester planning and course planning

Research Wing

This wing is responsible for the research related work of the ARC. It’s majors works involve:

  • Organizing sessions to help and guide students in all aspects of research (career options, better publicity for their work etc.)
  • Working to promote and streamline activities related to research on campus.
Several events like the Student research Convention - an event where researchers from all over come together to share their work with co-researchers and other interested students is being planned this year.

International Relations Wing

The International Relations Wing works towards improving the relations of IITK with its international counterparts both in terms of collaborations and student exchanges.

There are 4 major areas of its work are:

  • Increasing the opportunities for semester exchanges available for the students of IITK.
  • Increasing the opportunities for internships (sponsored and exchanges) available for the students during the vacation period.
  • Increasing the awareness amongst students of the career opportunities available and the complete procedure of application for different students to pursue further studies or work in academia.
  • Being the primary student point of contact for all foreign students on campus for all their programme related queries/clarifications.

Creatives Wing

The Creatives wing works closely with all other wings and is responsible for the content editing and distribution of the ARC. All other wings coordinate with it for their content related requirements.


They are glittery & glamourous, big & lots of fun.


Annual Inter-College Cultural Festival :

Unleash the Fire Within. Antaragni, started way back in 1966 known as the Cultfest (the generic name signifying it was the first and only such event back then), the festival is in its 51st edition now and has become a permanent fixture in the cultural calendars of all the premier colleges of India, Antaragni’s varied and multi­hued competitions are hotly contested by leading teams of these colleges. Along with mind blowing professional shows and glamorous lifestyle events, socially relevant burning issues of the day find a strong voice in the discussions and panel talks which form an integral part of the four day long festival.
The four days of Antaragni is, amidst the academic rigour of IITK life, among the most awaited events in a student's life. The range of cultural competitions, the various social causes and the high­quality, crowd­pulling professional shows (which have included Sunidhi Chauhan, Shankar Ehsaan Loy, KK, Atif Aslam and Sonu Nigam) are the hallmarks of this centrepiece in a student's stay in the Institute. This year, Antaragni is being organized from 20th to 23rd October, 2016.


Annual Inter-College Tech Festival :

IITK being a technical college, has a unique brain mash up. Begin in 1995, IIT Kanpur's annual Technical & Entrepreneurial Festival, Techkriti today stands one of the largest of its kind in Asia, including competitors from all corners of India as well as from various places around the world.

4 days of mesmerising experience where the diverse genres from all over the world come together under 1 roof is simply mind blowing. Apart from the throat cutting competition of exotic softwares, erudite electronic gizmos and robust robots, we have guest lectures that even includes noble laureates. Some of our past guests include names such as Marshall Strabala (Architect - Burj Khalifa), Jeff Lieberman (Host-Time Warp), Dr. Richard Stallman (Founder, FSF and GNU Project), Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam (Former President and Founder of India’s missile program), ), Dr. Alvin E. Roth (Nobel Laureate, Economics), Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma (First Indian Astronaut to go in Space). Techkriti has been inspiring the best talents of the nation and has been constantly unleashing the creativity. Together we have some crowd pulling professional shows by the best talents like Parikrama, KK, Andy McKee, WALT's 3D animation shows etc, which make it one of the most awaited events of IITK community. This year, Techkriti enters its 21'st edition with a moral to crossover every limit of creativity and awesomeness.

IIT Kanpur's annual Inter ­collegiate Science and Technology festival Techkriti , renowned for the use of intellectual proficiency as ammunition. Competitions reveal one's true mettle and at the end of it all, only the best is the last man standing. The diversity of competitions gives all a chance to prove their potential ­ from innovative business plans to exotic software solutions to erudite electronic gizmos to robust robots. Techkriti provides an exuberant platform for technical and business excellence through competitions, and is widely awaited by the IITK community for its high­quality workshops, group discussions and talks which have included Nobel Laureates and Fields Medallists in the past.


Annual Inter-College Sports Festival :

Udghosh witnesses participation from students from over 100 top colleges from all over India. Students from all fields ­ humanities, engineering, science, commerce, law and medicine participate in the event with great gusto. Over 30,000 footfalls are witnessed during the festival.It comprises of the highest level of competition, unusual performances by professionals and as well as unique activities for those who just wish to cool off and have a good time with their friends. With its slogan of “Mayhem for Victory”, it revitalizes the spirit and energy inherent in students of the Institute through sports competitions, games and other fun events.
This year, IIT Kanpur is going to be the hosts of the prestigious Inter-IIT Sports Meet and hence Udghosh is not being held this year.


City Life

The appeal of Metro cities is alluring but is specious. Truth be told, at the end of four years, you won't remember whether you got that obligatory GPL on your birthday in a posh nightclub or in your dainty room, at the end of the day, it would be the people kicking your ass and their sadistic laughter that'll haunt you for the rest of your mortal life. But that being said, Kanpur fulfills my checklist of all the must haves for any decent city: all major motion pictures being released on time, good restaurants, a disco and a mall where you can see a couple of Carrera S's parked as if it's no big deal!

I'm sure that you'd all be wondering what do we do in our free time if we don't have recourse to the simple pleasures of a metro city. The answer is quite simple - we don't have free time. IIT Kanpur is always bustling with activity, be it live screening of major matches or movie screenings in our badass Open Air Theater (or OAT in IITK parlance), inter hall competitions, club activities, preparations for college festivals (Antaragni, Techkriti, Udghosh), open mics, karaokes, acoustic nights, musical extravaganzas, dance performances, dramatics events and what not. The campus has a plethora of activities to cater to all kinds of people, from the adrenaline junkie to the lazy couch potato.


If you are one of those who has qualified after studying in Kota or some other remote corner of the country, where you had really bad food, your troubles are now over. Having lived in a Kota hostel, the food in my hostel was surprisingly better. What distinguishes IITK, however, is the fact that we have food available 22.5 hours of the day. Yes, there is only a short 1.5 hour period from 4AM to 5:30AM when you wouldn't be able to get any food. Until 2 AM, you would be able to get food in any of the hostel canteens and until 4AM, you would be able to get food at the food court, which serves fast food ranging from burgers, chats etc. to south indian food. We also have a CCD in our campus, right besides the library as well as a Dominoes in the OAT. You are completely spoilt for choice.

Halls of Residence

IIT Kanpur offer the most spacious hostels and largest rooms for the students along with 22 hours of eating facilities available in the campus ranging from some well known food chains to hostel canteens which are well-stocked and offer anyone a let out after a stressful day.Every hostel has a basketball court, few badminton courts, a volleyball court, table tennis room, a television room, a computer room, a reading room for newspaper, magazines, journals, etc, and a hall office to handle hostel affairs. The basketball and volleyball courts in the hostels are floodlit, enabling students to play even at night as the day is more or less jam packed with other activities.

Homly Environment

The halls of residences were built keeping in mind that they were to house the brightest. These weren't just the buildings that were laid brick by brick but, were supposed to be the homes of the students away from their home. They were meant to be witnesses to life long friendships, to be onlookers for ingenious ideas and to be the secure spot for the tired student to rest and re-energise for the upcoming days. All halls from I to XI have been named 'Halls of Residences' precisely with this motive in mind and are not just hostels for students. They provide 24*7 electricity , clean sanitation facilities and good quality food for the nourishment of its beloved residents. Long after one graduates, he/she fondly recollects the memories spent in these rooms which are a treasure for them.

Journalism Cell: Vox Populi

Vox Populi is the journalism body of IIT Kanpur. One of the newest additions to the Students’ Gymkhana, the body with its enthusiastic Core Group has ushered in a new appreciation for journalism in the campus. We try to address as many facets of journalism as possible, from urgent reporting to well written editorials. Video journalism is flourishing arm with a talented group of individuals interviewing eminent personalities and doing fun stuff like filming the orientation. Comics and posters are mediums that are continually experimented with and the gates are always open for new ideas, the learning opportunities are endless. Vox’s presence is mostly online on the website but we have a biannual print edition which is the highlight of each semester

Election Commission

The Students' Gymkhana, IIT Kanpur works through a system of democracy upheld through Gymkhana elections. These elections are conducted by the Election Commission, led by the Chief Election Officer (CEO), Students' Gymkhana. Normaly, elections happen twice in a Gymkhana year: the By-elections happen in August and the General Elections happen in January. Election Council conducts elections for various members of the Students' Senate including the President of the Students' Gymkhana and various General Secretaries.