The world consists of a large of natural as well as man-made systems, invariably both complex and dynamic. Our knowledge about these systems depends on advances made in science and technology. It is necessary to divide such systems into several subsystem to facilitate their study. The prediction of the behavior of the system on the basis of the characteristics of the subsystems is generally made using the system approach.

Mathematical modeling plays a very important role in the entire process as it helps to analyse various variables and parameters of the system/subsystem under consideration, both in quantitative and qualitative terms. The corresponding mathematical model predicts the future behavior of the system under consideration. Recent developments in mathematical science and computers have led to improved modeling and understanding of situations in all areas of human activity including not only engineering, medicine, biology, ecology, environment, geology, oceanography but in economics and a variety of other social sciences. Modeling and computer simulation have become valuable tools for example, in industry for improving the manufacturing process; in ecological and environmental sciences for analysis of biodiversity and prediction of weather, ocean circulation, effects of deforestation, global warming, climatic change, storm surges etc. in social sciences for developing strategies for sustainable development and understanding social and economic change etc. This whole range of scientific activity can be fostered through a forum where scientists from different disciplines, such as Mathematics, Biolody, Medicine, Environment, Ecology and various branches of Engineering as well as Social Sciences, can meet and discuss various relevant problems that human society faces today. With this objective the ‘Indian Academy for Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (IAMMS) at the national level is being formed. This document describes the constitution & Bye-Laws of Academy which will be used as general guidelines for functioning & management.