Prof. U. B. Tewari Distinguished Lecture Series in Mathematics

Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur




Title: Liftings, extensions and tensor products of C*-algebras


Date: November 10,11,15,16, 2022


Time: 03:30 PM (IST)


Date: 10 November 2022 | 

Lecture - 1  Professor Giles Pisier   | Video Lecture on YouTube


Date: 11 November 2022 | 

Lecture - 2  Professor Giles Pisier   | Video Lecture on YouTube 



Date: 15 November 2022 | 

Lecture - 3  Professor Giles Pisier   | Video Lecture on YouTube 



Date: 16 November 2022 | 

Lecture - 4  Professor Giles Pisier   | Video Lecture on YouTube 








The lectures will first introduce the tensor products of C*-algebras, and the basic facts about them (e.g. the notion of nuclearity), but the main interest will be around the extension property (in particular the weak expectation property WEP) and lifting properties of C*-algebras (in particular the LLP and the LP). The Connes embedding problem will be discussed in the Kirchberg formulation. Our goal is to discuss throughout and in the final lecture the problem whether the Local Lifting property (LLP) implies the global Lifting property (LP). The results will be illustrated by group C*-algebras, in particular with the case of free groups and property (T) groups.



About the Series:

The lecture series is in honour of Prof. U.B. Tewari (1944-2019) for his outstanding contributions in mathematics. This series is Instituted by his family, friends and former students. Each year an eminent mathematician will be invited to give a short course of 4-5 lectures spread over two weeks in a forefront area of Mathematics. This short course is expected to address researchers and graduate students to give an exposure to the subject and to get a broader view of the topic.





About the Speaker:


Professor Giles Pisier is a highly distinguished mathematician. He is a professor of Mathematics at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris and holds the A.G. and M.E. Owen Chair of Mathematics at the Texas A&M University. He has made fundamental contributions to Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Probability theory, Operator theory and C*-algebras. His outstanding contributions have transformed these subjects. He was an invited speaker at the ICM 1983, and a Plenary speaker at the ICM 1998. Prof. Pisier is recognized with various prestigious awards, including the Salem Prize, Ostrowski Prize, Stefan Banach Medal and the Grand Prix de l’Academy des Sciences de Paris. He is a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society and a Foreign Fellow of the INSA.



About Prof. U. B. Tewari:


Prof U. B. Tewari, popularly known as UBT, obtained his Ph.D at the University of California Berkeley, and joined IIT Kanpur in 1970. He was known for his inspiring and rigorous teaching. He started an Harmonic Analysis School at IITK and brought together colleagues from other reputed institutes in India. Prof. Tewari has received many awards, including the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Prize, and the Meghnad Saha award for research in Theoretical Sciences. He was also a Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad.