Workshop on Statistical Techniques and R Software (STARS-2018)

03 - 07 September, 2018



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Workshop on Statistical Techniques and R Software (STARS-2018)
(03 - 07 September, 2018) 

Sponsored by: Continuing Education Programme of IIT Kanpur


Statistical techniques play an important role in all of the engineering, medical, physical and social sciences. Consequently, a proper understanding of the statistical methods and implementation is necessary to appropriately model outcomes/questions of interest in any applied/experimental settings and make proper inferences. The current workshop aims to introduce the participants to statistical modeling (at an intermediate level), data mining and fitting statistical models to data in real life applications. The choice of software will be R (since it's free) and we hope that post the workshop participants will be utilizing R in their research and teaching activities.

The program will be useful for individuals from academics (early career professors, research scientists, etc.), industry or anyone interested in implementing statistical models to better understand any given data.


Speakers and Instructors:

Prof. Mohammad Arshad Rahman

Department of Economic Sciences

IIT Kanpur


Prof. Shalabh

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

IIT Kanpur



Saurabh Bajpai

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
IIT Kanpur
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