Convective Heat and Mass Transfer




3L-0T-0P-0D (9 Credits)


Course Content:

Conservation equations, boundary layers, free convection, forced convection. Heat transfer in laminar and turbulent, internal as well as external flows, mixed convection. Combined convection and radiation. Boiling and Condensation. Molecular diffusion in fluids, mass transfer coefficient. Simultaneous heat and mass transfer; Applications.

Lecturewise Breakup (based on 50min per lecture)

I. Introduction: (2 Lectures)

  • Convective heat transfer and its applications; Forced, free and mixed convection; internal and external flow; heat transfer coefficient and its physical significance; dimensional analysis in convective heat transfer.

II. Conservation Equations and boundary conditions: (3 Lectures)

  • Mass, momentum, energy equations.

III. External Laminar Forced Convection: (9 Lectures)

  • Boundary layer equations; energy equation for flow over flat plate; similarity solution for flow over a flat plate having various boundary conditions and Prandtl numbers; Scale analysis; Approximate method; Viscous dissipation effect of laminar boundary layer.

IV. Internal Laminar Forced Convection: (8 Lectures)

  • Developing and developed flow and heat transfer in a duct and circular pipe having various boundary conditions.

V. Natural/Free and Mixed Convection: (4 Lectures)

  • Boussinesq approximations; Similarity solution for flow over a flat plate; Scale analysis; Approximate method; Mixed convection and the corresponding governing equations.

VI. Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer: (4 Lectures)

  • Characteristics of turbulent flow and heat transfer; Reynolds stress N-S and energy equations, eddy viscosity based turbulence models, turbulent flow over flat plate (external), turbulent flow in pipe.

VII. Heat Transfer Enhancement/Reduction: (2 Lectures)

  • Active and passive methods; State of flow and flow structure affecting heat transfer; Flow design of heat exchangers. (NEW)

VIII. Mass Convection: (3 Lectures)

  • Various non-dimensional numbers and their analogy to those of heat transfer; Analogy friction, heat transfer and mass transfer coefficients; species equations; Examples of simultaneous heat and mass transfer.

IX. Boiling Heat Transfer: (3 Lectures)

  • Pool boiling regimes and the boiling curve; heat transfer correlations in pool boiling; flow boiling and its regimes.

X. Condensation: (3 Lectures)

  • Condensation from vertical flat plate, multiple horizontal and vertical tubes.

XI. Special Topic (Subject to availability of time)


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