Machining Science – II




3L-0T-0L-0D (9 Credits)


Course Content:

General classification of unconventional machining, chemical machining, electric discharge machining, Abrasive Jet and Ultrasonic Machining, electron beam machining, laser beam machining, ion beam machining, plasma arc machining; Comparative evaluation of different processes; Conventional machining with modifications.

Lecturewise Breakup(based on 50min per lecture)

I. Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Processes (4 Lectures)

Introduction to manufacturing processes.
Overview of non conventional machining processes with (AJM, USM, ECM, EDM, EBM, LBM, AFM, MRF, MAF, MFP and MRAFF etc.)
Introduction to use of non conventional processes for micro-machining.

II. Mechanical Material Removal Processes (AJM, USM and WAJM) (8 Lectures)

Abrasive Jet Machining (AJM):
Introduction to abrasive jet machining (AJM), Mechanics of AJM, AJM process parameters Components of AJM (Abrasive, Gas, Setup), Mixing and Mass ratio and Material removal rate, Numerical approach to AJM, Modelling of Material Removal Rate (MRR). Ultrasonic Machining (USM):
Basics of USM processes, Mechanics of USM,  Process parameters of USM, Shaw’s model of USM mechanics, Compressed grain modelling and direct throw modelling and comparison,  Dependence of process parameters in estimation of MRR, Numerical approach to USM, Ultrasonic machining setup, Design of acoustic ultrasonic head and feed mechanism in USM.
Water Abrasive jet machining (WAJM): 
Introduction to WAJM (Basic principle and MRR estimation), WAJM process video.

III. Nano-finishing processes (6 Lectures)

Introduction to nanofinishing and need of nanofinishing, Abrasive Flow Finishing (AFF),
Introduction to AFF and self deformable feature, AFF machine elements, Magnetic Abrasive Finishing (MAF), Introduction to MAF, Elements of MAF, Setup and process parameters for AFF and MAF, Parametric analysis and applications of MAF and AFF.

III. Electrochemical Machining Process (ECM) (8 Lectures)

Electrochemistry basics, Basic Principle of Electrochemical Machining, Estimation of MRR in ECM, MRR in multiphase alloys, Modelling of Kinematics and Dynamics for ECM process, Numerical approach to ECM, Tool design in ECM, Electrolyte flow dynamics and design of electrode for electrolyte flow, Insulation design in ECM, Surface Finish in ECM of alloys, Basics of Electrochemical drilling, Basics of Electrochemical Grinding , Basics of Electro stream drilling, Process parameters from Electro-stream drilling and Electrochemical Grinding, Allied Processes, Electrochemical turning, Electrochemical Milling, Electrochemical deburring, Electrocemical boring etc.

IV. Thermal Matersial Removal Processes (EDM, EBM, LBM) (12 Lectures)

Electro-discharge machining:

Electro-discharge machining (EDM), Process parameters of EDM, Mechanics of EDM, Theoretical estimation of MRR in EDM, Modelling of depth of melting temperature, Role of cavitation in material removal in EDM, Role of melting temperature of the work-piece material, EDM circuits  and operating principles, Surface finishing and machining accuracy in EDM,  Taper and overcut in EDM, Effect of EDM on surface hardness, Electrode and dielectric fluid, EDM allied processes, ED turning, Wire EDM.

Electron Beam Machining (EBM): 

Introduction to electron beam machining, Comparison of E-beam machining with other thermal processes, Setup for EBM, Power requirement in E-Beam, Mechanics of EBM process, Derivation of functional characteristics in EBM by using Buckingham’s Pie theorem, Comparison of outcome of functional characteristics with empirical model, Power requirements for different work-piece materials in EBM

Laser Beam Machining (LBM): 

Introduction to Lasers and Laser beam machining, Types of lasers and feedback mechanisms in Lasers, Mechanics of material removal in Laser machining, Numerical modelling of LBM on semi-infinite surface and LBM with circular beams, Numerical estimation of time of machining in both the semi-infinite and circular beam cases, Steady state hole penetration model in LBM, Dependence of heat input in cutting speed of laser beam.

Videos of Lithograhy, EDM, LBM, Vacuum forming with process basics. (2-Hours)

PS: Three experimental demonstrations of 01 hour each in the area of LBM, EDM and MAF to be made in the manufacturing laboratory and 4i laboratory respectively.


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