Course Content:

Vorticity, vorticity equation, Kelvin’s theorem, Helmholtz laws, kinematic decomposition of velocity fields, uniqueness of solenoidal and irrotational velocity fields, superposition of irrotational flows, complex analysis, conformal transformations, finite wings, three-dimensional potential flows, unsteady potential flows, virtual mass, cavitation, bubble dynamics, interfacial and free-surface waves, bores and hydraulic jumps.

No. of Lectures (40 Lectures)

I. Introduction(1 lecture):

  • Continuity equation, Navier-Stokes equations, Bernoulli equation

II. Vorticity dynamics (12 Lectures):

  • Vorticity, vortex lines and tubes, vorticity equation, circulation, Kelvin’s circulation theorem, Helmholtz laws, creation of vorticity, Helmholtz’s kinematic decomposition, Biot-Savart law, inviscid motion of point vortices, line and sheet vortices, image vorticity, vortex momentum, uniqueness of solenoidal and irrotational velocity fields in singly- and multiply-connected domains, Kelvin’s minimum energy theorem, superposition of irrotational flows

III. Potential flows (17 Lectures):

  • Stream function and velocity potential, complex analysis, standard flow patterns, circle theorem, Blasius integral laws, conformal transformations, Jowkowski transformation, introduction to thin-airfoil theory, finite wings, introduction to lifting-line theory, Schwarz-Christoffel theorem, axisymmetric and three-dimensional potential flows, sphere theorem, nature of 3D far-fields, unsteady potential flows, virtual mass

IV. Elements of bubble dynamics (3 Lectures):

  • Rayleigh equation, Rayleigh-Plesset equation, cavitation and bubble collapse

V. Interfacial waves and free-surface flows (7 Lectures):

  • Small amplitude waves at free surfaces and interfaces, non-linear theory of shallow-water waves, method of characteristics, bores and hydraulic jumps

Target audience:

  1. PG and 3rd, 4th year UG students

Suggested Readings:

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  2. Milne-Thomson, L. M. “Theoretical Aerodynamics”, 4th Ed., Dover

  3. Vallentine, H. R. “Applied Hydrodynamics”, 2nd Ed., Butterworths

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