Advanced Research Laboratories

The Department maintains the following laboratories for instruction and research: Experimental Stress Analysis, Vibration and Control, Material Testing, Machines and Mechanisms, Fluid Mechanics, Energy Conversion, Heat Transfer, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning and Manufacturing Science. Besides this, the faculties are actively involved in many advanced research laboratories.

Acoustics Laboratory

Advanced Nano Engineering Materials Laboratory

Applied Solid Mechanics Laboratory

CAD and RP Laboratory

CAM & Manufacturing Science Laboratory

CFD Laboratory

Compliant and Robotics Systems (CARS) Lab

Computational Manufacturing Systems Laboratory

Center for Mechatronics

Computational Mechanics Laboratory

Computational Turbomachinery Laboratory

Divya Drishti

Energy Conversion and Storage Laboratory

Advanced Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

Gas Hydrate Research Laboratory

Gas Turbine Heat Transfer Laboratory

Manufacturing Laboratory

Metrology Laboratory

Micro systems Fabrication Laboratory

Micro-scale transport laboratory


Nonlinear Mechanics Laboratory

Phase-change Thermal Systems Laboratory

Robotics Laboratory

SEM Laboratory

Engine Research Laboratory

Smart Materials & Structures Lab

Solidification Laboratory

Tribology and Surface Engineering Lab

Vibration Laboratory