Alternate Fuels and Internal Combustion Engine

The alternate fuels and internal combustion engine area aims to develop state-of-art experiments related to Internal Combustion Engines and vehicles apart from Emission and engine related Tribological Investigations. The dedicated engine research laboratory paves the way for a balanced development of this front-line area of research, which has several fully instrumented single and multi-cylinder engine test benches for different types of engines/dynamometers. Current research topics include Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) for in-cylinder flow visualization, Phase Doppler Interferrometry (PDI) for spray characterization, combustion visualization and optical diagnostics, Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), HCCI/PCCI of gasoline and diesel like fuels, Engine Noise and vibration, Laser Ignition of CNG and hydrogen.

Research Areas


  • Engine Combustion

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Biodiesel Research

  • Direct/Port Injection of CNG/Hydrogen

  • Primary Alcohols and Bio-Butanol Research

  • Straight Vegetable Oil Utilization

  • Field Trials with Alternative Fuels

  • Engine Endurance and Durability Studies

  • Lubricating Oil Characterization

  • Particulate Characterization and Emission Control

  • Regulated/Unregulated Emissions

  • Exhaust Gas After-Treatment

  • Gasoline Direct Injection

  • HCCI/PCCI of Gasoline and Diesel like Fuels

  • Engine Noise and Vibration

  • Laser Ignition

  • Combustion Visualization and Optical Diagnostics

  • Particle Image Velocimetryfor In-cylinder Flow Visualization

  • Phase Doppler Interferrometry for Spray Characterization

  • Micro-Sensors (Capacitance Sensors and Fiber Optic Probes)

  • Large-Bore Engine Research

Research Laboratories:

  • Engine Research Laboratory (Flyer)

Associated Faculty


Avinash Kumar Agarwal, PhD (IIT Delhi): IC Engines, alternate fuels, vehicular pollution, laser diagonostic techniques, micro- sensor development and lubricating oil tribology


ERL Single Cylinder Optical Research Engine