About XRD

Department of Materials Science Engineering houses two X-ray diffraction equipment for research and teaching purpose.

The basic machine, Bruker D8 Focus, is available with two circle goniometer. The machine is equipped with 0-D detector as well as 1-D detector. 0-D scintillator detector provides high angular resolution, while the 1-D detector provides high quality data at a much faster rate. The diffractometer can be used for powder diffraction, phase analysis, residual stress analysis and also for small angle x-ray scattering. The XRD facility is also equipped with analysis software like Diffrac-Suite, JADE, Match, Pearson Crystal Database and ICDD database.

The advanced machine, PANALYTICAL EMPRYAN, has nearly complete X-ray analysis facilities. The machine equipped with two circle goniometer with 4kW X-ray generator. The main detectors attached are Proportional detector, Scintillation Detector, PIXcel 1D and PIXel 3D. The range of analysis can be carried out including Ambient polycrystalline XRD, SAXS and GISAXS, Texture and Residual Stress, Reflectivity, Rocking Curve, Reciprocal Space Map, High temperature XRD, Low temperature XRD etc.

This facility is mainly used for research purpose as well as teaching. Apart from IITK users, this facility also opened for the users from other academic institutions, national research labs and industries.