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National Air Quality Index

Pic: Dean, Research and Development

IIT Kanpur-developed National Air Quality Index Launched by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has launched the National Air Quality Index (AQI) on April 6, 2015, developed at IIT Kanpur. An AQI translates individual air pollutant concentrations into a single number that reflects the status of air quality in simple terms. The scientific basis of developed AQI is the attainment of air quality standards and pollutant dose-response relationships. A website ( is developed for a quick dissemination of AQI to citizens. The AQI has six categories Good (0-50), Satisfactory (51-100), Moderate (101-200), Poor (201-300), Very Poor (301-400) and Severe (401-500) with health statements for each category. The AQI is available for ten cities and in future more cities will be covered.

This AQI was developed through a sponsored study from Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi, headed by Dr. Mukesh Sharma, CE and Dr. Arnab Bhattacharya, CSE.



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