Department of Physics

Condensed Matter Physics (CMP) Workshop

February 04-06, 2005 (Friday-Sunday)

The Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur is organizing the sixth workshop on Condensed Matter Physics during February 4-6 (Friday-Sunday).  The aim of the workshop is to bring together various research groups in the Institute in this area and also familiarize our students with the ongoing research and expertise. Further it is hoped that this will foster collaborative research. Various current topics such as strongly correlated electronic systems, magnetism and superconductivity, semiconductors, nanostructured materials as well as related interdisciplinary topics in lasers, computer science and biophysics will be covered.

List of Speakers
T.V. Ramakrishnan (BHU Varanasi / IITK)
A. Mookerjee   (SNBNSBS Kolkata)
D. Kumar  (JNU New Delhi)
A.K. Majumdar (IIT Kanpur) 
Rajendra Prasad (IIT Kanpur) 
D. Chowdhury (IIT Kanpur) 
M.K. Harbola  (IIT Kanpur)  
V. Subrahmanyam (IIT Kanpur)
S. Banerjee  (IIT Kanpur)
Z. Hossain  (IIT Kanpur)
D. Goswami  (IIT Kanpur)
Rajesh Prasad  (IIT Kanpur)
P. Agarwal  (IIT Guwahati)


04 February 2005
1400-1430 Registration and TEA

Session - 1 Chair: Deepak Kumar

1430-1505 T.V. Ramakrishnan (BHU/IITK) Half-doped manganites: orbital/charge order, insulator-metal transitions and all that.
1505-1540 Abhijit Mookerjee (SNBNCBS, Kolkata) Response functions in Disordered Alloys

1540-1615 Manoj K. Harbola (IITK) Functionals and Kohn-Sham equation for excited-states

1615-1645 TEA

Session - 2 Chair: A.K. Majumdar

1645-1705 N. Sudhakar (IITK) Magnetic and Electrical transport properties of Layered Manganites.
1705-1725 Kartikeshwar Senapati (IITK) Possible observation of inhomogeneous superconducting phase in Ferromagnet-superconductor structures
1725-1800 Satyajit Banerjee (IITK) Effect of dilute density of correlated disorder on the vortex state in superconductors: the porous vortex matter

05 February 2005

Session - 3 Chair: S. Biswas

0900-0935 Debabrata Goswami (IITK) Towards Efficiently Solving Quantum Traveling Salesman Problem
0935-1010 V. Subramanyam Quantum Entanglement in Spin systems
1010-1045 Debashish Chowdhury Transport and traffic in biological systems: from sub-cellular world to colonies of organisms

1045-1115 TEA

Session - 4 Chair: Krishan Lal

1115-1150 P. N. Dixit (NPL, New Delhi) Hydrogenated amorphous and microcrystalline Si-based activities at NPL.

1150-1225 Pratima Agarwal (IITG) Hydrogenated Microcrystalline Silicon Films
1225-1245 N.P. Mandal Stability studies of Nanocrystalline Silicon

Session - 5 Chair: Abhijit Mookerjee
1400-1435 Rajendra Prasad From clusters to amorphous state: Example of Si-H system
1435-1510 Rajesh Prasad Amorphization and spinodal decomposition of Cr-Ti
1510-1530 Sanjay Ram (IITK) Recombination traffic in highly crystallized undoped microcrystalline Si films studied by steady state photoconductivity

1530-1730 Poster Session and TEA Chair: Rajendra Prasad

1900-2000 Felicitation of Prof. S.C. Agarwal Chair: T.V. Ramakrishnan

2000- Workshop Dinner

06 February 2005

Session - 6 Chair: T.M. Srinivasan
1000-1035 Deepak Kumar (JNU, New Delhi) Hopping Conduction and Coulomb Glasses
1035-1055 Samarendra P. Singh (IITK) Organic Heterostructure for White Light emitting Diodes
1055-1115 Vibha Tripathi Embedded crystallites as giant traps in hydrogenated amorphous silicon

1115-1130 TEA

Session - 7 Chair: G.K. Mehta
1130-1205 Zakir Hossain (IITK) Yb-based Heavy Fermion Systems Close to Quantum Critical Point
1205-1225 Ram Shanker Patel (IITK) Low-field magnetization in Fe-Cr GMR multilayers
1225-1300 Alak K. Majumdar (IITK) Hall effect in self assembled epitaxial Ni-nanocrystallites embedded in TiN matrix

For any queries contact Professor D. Chowdhury, The Convenor, CMP 2005

All are cordially invited to participate.