AICTE Sponsored QIP Courses



List of Approved QIP Courses from April 01, 2018 – March 31, 2019, as per the guidelines of the Advisory Committee, CDTE/QIP


Sl. No Title of the Course Name of Coordinator(s) Deptt. Duration
1 “Embedded System Design for Internet of Things” Dr. Amey Karkare CSE May 30 to June 03, 2018
2 “Supercritical Technology for Power Generation in India” Dr. D. P. Mishra AE June 20-24, 2018
3 “Advanced Course in New Fuels, Engine Diagnostics and Emission Control” Prof. A. K. Agarwal ME August 03-07, 2018
4 “Mastering Advanced Techniques of Characterization for High-end Research” Prof. K. Balani
Prof. Gouthama
MSE August 27-31, 2018
5 “Statistical Techniques and R Software” Dr .M. A. Rahman
Dr. Shalabh
HSS & Maths September 03-07, 2018
6 “Financial Time Series Modeling in R FinMode- 2018” Dr. W. Ahmad Economic Sciences September 24-28, 2018
7 “3D and 4D Microscopy in Materials Science” Dr. K. Biswas & Dr. S. S. Singh MSE October 01-06, 2018
8 “Product Design & Development” Dr. J. Ramkumar ME October 08-12, 2018
9 “Machining Dynamics” Dr. Mohit Law ME October 15-19, 2018
10 “Mechanical Behavior of Materials” Dr. S. Shekhar
Dr. S. S. Singh
Dr. N. P. Gurao
MSE October 30 to November 03, 2018
11 “Engineering Applications of Modern Inorganic Chemistry” Dr. A. K. Patra Chemistry November 01-05, 2018
12 “Modeling and Simulations of Nano- Transistors” Dr. Y. S. Chauhan EE January 21-25, 2019
13 “Applications of Fluorescence Spectroscopy” Dr. Pratik Sen Chemistry February 05-09, 2019
14 “Additive Manufacturing” Dr. Arvind Kumar
Dr. N. Sinha
ME February 11-15, 2019
15 “Recent advancement in Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering” Prof. P. Ghosh & Dr .S. Rajesh CE February 18-22, 2019
16 “CognEx. 3.0: A Workshop for Experimental Methods in Cognitive Sciences” Dr. Devpriya Kumar & Dr. Ark Verma Cognitive Science February 18-22, 2019
17 “Fundamentals and Characterization of Solar Cells (FUNSOL – 2019)” Prof. S. Ingole
Prof. Ashish Garg
Prof. Raju Gupta
MSE February 19-23, 2019
18 “Fundamentals of Molecular Simulations (FunMolSim 2019)” Prof. Jayant K. Singh Chemical Engg. March 05-09, 2019
19 “Advanced Scanning Electron Microcopy & Microanalysis” Dr. K. N. Kulkarni
Dr. S. Shekhar
Dr. Gouthama
MSE March 11-15, 2019
20 An introductory Course On High-Performance Computing In Science and Engineering Prof. Amey Karkare and Prof. Jayant K. Singh  CSE  25th Feb to 1st March 2019