The research portfolio of the new Department is envisioned into four broad verticals: (i) Energy generation, (ii) Energy storage and Distribution, (iii) Alternative fuels, and (iv) Energy, Environment, & Policy which also align well with the global sustainable energy domains. Special emphasis will be placed on education and R&D related to nationally aligned programmes on solar energy, electric vehicles, hydrogen, clean fuels and carbon capture.

Energy Generation

Solar Energy
Wind Energy
Fuel Cells
Hydro Energy
Geothermal Energy
Other new forms

Energy Storage & Distribution

Batteries and Supercapacitors
Electrical mobility
Hydrogen storage
Solar thermal
Power distribution
Smart grid

Alternative Fuels

Methanol and ethanol
Clean fuels
New Paradigms

Energy, Environment & Policy

Energy and water
Carbon capture
Energy policies and ecomonics
Energy conversation
Smart buildings

Integration of various expertise via synergistic collaborative research with the right blend of basic and applied research towards development of systems and prototypes will be a major thrust of the Department.