In Squid Lab we have two separate system PPMS & MPMS, in both of them we can do magnetic measurements & in PPMS we can do resistivity, heat capacity & thermal transport measurements.





SQUID Lab is one of the most important lab required for the scientific research. It provides a better support for the PhD students of IIT Kanpur even though outside IIT also.





SQUID Lab has started its journey in the year 2003. Dr.R. C. Budhani Was the project investigator at that time and it was inaugurated by Dr. Sanjay Govind Dhande, that time he was the Director of IIT Kanpur. Mr. Rajeev Sharma was the technician of this lab on that period. After that it continues its journey till 2012 and then a new VSM system and Re-liquefier unit installed in PPMS. Then Dr. Zakir Hossain took the responsibility of this lab and now the Squid lab is under the investigation of Dr. K. P. Rajeev. Co-PI is Dr. Zakir Hossain & the technician is Mr. Bireswar Singha Roy.