IIT Kanpur / TAMU Exchange Program


IIT Kanpur Aerospace Engineering students participate in an exchange program with students of Aerospace Engineering from the Texas A&M University Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur this summer. Four students from IIT Kanpur Aero studied at Texas A&M University in College Station, while the same number of students from A&M studied at IIT Kanpur in Summer of 2012.

Students were able to work on projects under the guidance of world-renowned aerospace engineering faculty at both institutions.

Projects worked on at IIT Kanpur included the areas of:

  • Effect of Filler Volume Fraction on Fracture Behavior of Glass Particle Filled Epoxy Composites

  • Aeroelastic modeling of blade trailing edge flaps

  • Performance Analysis of Morphing Rotor Helicopters

Projects worked on at Texas A&M included the areas of:

  • Open Loop Simulation of Control of Helicopter

  • Uncertainty Propagation in Hypersonic Reentry Model

  • Modeling of Piezoelectric Effects

  • Modeling of Turbulence

  • Feedback Motion Planning of UAVs



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