M.Tech. Program

Admission to M. Tech. Program is made once a year in July. Candidates with B.E./B.Tech. degree in Aerospace / Aeronautical, Mechanical, Automobile, Production, Civil, Chemical, Naval Architecture, Electrical, Electronics / Electronics and Communication, Metallurgy / Metallurgy & Material Science, Instrumentation, Mechatronics; four year BS degree in Physics, Mathematics or MSc degree in Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Physics with valid GATE score can apply for M.Tech. program.
The admission criterion for 2016 would be announced after GATE 2016. The details of admission procedure for 2016 are available in the link- http://www.iitk.ac.in/doaa/data/Poster_PG_admission2016.pdf


Non-Sponsored M.Tech Candidates

Non-sponsored candidates to M. Tech. program were required to appear in a written test.

  • The written test will be of two hours duration. The test is based on mathematics and basic subjects of the Undergraduate Engineering Program. Candidates have to answer five questions (Two compulsory mathematics questions + any three out of eight in subject questions). Please bring your own calculator.

  • All candidates must carry a photo-id and copy of the valid gate score card for verification of identity.

Sponsored (By Industry / Govt. Labs) M.Tech Candidates

Candidates may be asked to appear for a short written test in mathematics before the interview. The details will be announced on the department webpage.

General Guidlines

The admission in Aerospace Engineering Department is under four major streams:

  1. Aerodynamics

  2. Flight Mechanics and Control

  3. Propulsion

  4. Structures, Structural Dynamics & Aeroelasticity

Detailed specialization areas for each stream is included below.

Note: Students from Electronics (EE, ECE etc.), Maths and Physics background would be assigned the stream of specialization towards the end of first semester along with the supervisor allocation.

For admission related information and to apply online / offline, please visit http://www.iitk.ac.in/doaa/DOAA/admissions2014.html


  • Experimental Aerodynamics

  • High Speed Jets, Acoustics

  • Unsteady Aerodynamics & Flapping Wing

  • Transition & Turbulence

  • Hypersonic Aerodynamics, Microfluidics

  • CFD/High Performance Computing

  • Flow Control, Wind Energy & Design

  • Fluid-Structure Interactions

Flight Mechanics and Control

  • Design & Control

  • Missile Guidance & Control

  • Flight Testing

  • Instrumentation & Parameter Estimation

  • Unmanned & Autonomous Air Vehicle

  • Space Dynamics


  • Experimental & Computational Combustion

  • Emissions

  • Liquid Atomization

  • Turbomachinery

  • Intake Aerodynamics

  • Thrust Vectoring

  • Electric Propulsion

Structures, Structural Dynamics & Aeroelasticity

  • Material Characterization

  • Composite Materials and Smart Structures

  • Structural Dynamics and Stochastic Modeling

  • Aeroelasticity

  • Helicopter Theory (Dynamics & Aerodynamics)

  • Structural Design & Optimization

  • Damage Modeling

  • Design and Dynamics of Autonomous Micro and Mini Air Vehicles

  • Wind Turbines

For eligibility criteria visit this link. For any query, please contact:

Dr. Pritam Chakraborty
DPGC Department of Aerospace Engineering
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208 016, UP (India)
Email: dpgcae[AT]iitk.ac.in

Mr. Rohit Pandey/ Mr. Pronabh Barua
Office of Department of Aerospace Engineering
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur-208 016, UP (India)
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Ph: +91-512-2596704(O)


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