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Admission to the PhD program is available throughout the year. Interested candidates with excellent academic record can send their applications to Convenor, DPGC Aerospace Engineering.


About the Program

The PhD program is aimed at helping the student acquire proficiency in the chosen area through course work, followed by doctoral research. A PhD student is required to complete a minimum of 4 courses and 32 units (two semester load) of research subject to a minimum total academic load of 4 semesters. He is also required to pass the PhD comprehensive examination held on completion of his course work.

A student in the PhD program will register for four elective courses, as advised by DPGC member belonging to his area of specialization, if thesis supervisor has not been decided at the time of registration. In other cases, he may register for thesis on the advice of supervisor. In the subsequent semester he registers for research and courses as advised by his supervisor. At the end of the course work the student will appear for the PhD comprehensive examination, and continue his research towards completion of his Doctoral Thesis.

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Guidelines for Admission of Foreign Students in PG Program

  1. The applicants should send the applications (on plain paper) together with all supporting documents directly to the Dean of Academic Affairs (DOAA).

  2. The DOAA will send the applications to the concerned Departments and try to identify the mentors (adviser) for the candidates. Together with this, the Department committee (DPGC) will find out the suitability of the candidate. The committee has to be convinced that the candidate has a reasonably good background to earn 7.5 CPI every semester.

  3. On the basis of the recommendations of the Department, DOAA and the Chairman-SPGC will prepare the documents and get the approval of the Chairman-Senate for admission.

  4. At this stage, the offer letters (admission only) will be sent to the candidates and they will be advised to contact the HRD ministry of their own countries for formal permission etc.

  5. The selected candidates will also be suggested to find out the sponsorship. For the students from the European/North American countries, the problem may be trivial. However, we shall help the students, who will not be able to find out a sponsorship from elsewhere. We shall try for their support through ICCR .

  6. Once all these are settled, the student will be asked to fill out a form (basically, name, passport number etc.) and submit it to the local Indian Embassy. This is in addition to his/her application for obtaining visa. In India, we shall also send requests to our home ministry through MHRD for the approval of a long-term stay.

2.7. Admission to External Registration Programme for M.Tech./ M.Des./ M.S. by Research and Ph.D. (Engg.)

2.7.1. A candidate working in an R & D establishment which is equipped with the necessary research and library facilities may be considered for admission only to the M.Tech./M.Des./M.S. by Research and Ph.D. (Engineering) programmes. Such a candidate must be sponsored by his/her employer and must have been in employment with the sponsoring organization for at least 2 year at the time of admission. The employer must expressly undertake to pay full salary to the candidate and relieve him/her to stay on the campus to enable the candidate to complete the requirements specified in Section 7.1, footnote 4.

2.7.2. For fellows and employees of research labs, centers of excellence, and other organizations such as DRDO, CSIR, DAE, DoS, DIT, DST, DBT, ICMR, ICAR etc., fully funded by the government (central/state), the minimum employment requirement will be only one year. The reduced employment requirement will also be applicable to employees of public sector unit (PSU) and central and state universities fully funded by the government.

2.7.3. A candidate applying for admission to the external registration programme must provide detailed information about the research facilities available at his/her organization and a certificate that these would be available to him/her for carrying out research. He/she should also provide the biodata of the prospective supervisor who would supervise the candidate's work at his/her organization.

2.7.4. On the recommendation of the DPGC, the SPGC will approve an organization for carrying out M.Tech./M.Des./M.S. by Research/Ph.D. research in a specified area. An application for admission from a candidate working in the approved organization will be considered only if he/she wishes to work in the specified area.


2.8. Admission of Sponsored Candidates

2.8.1. A candidate who is sponsored by his/her employer and who meets the additional conditions specified below may be admitted through a separate selection committee appointed specifically for the purpose.

2.8.2. A sponsored candidate must have been in service of the sponsoring organization for at least two years at the time of admission. The sponsoring organization must specifically undertake to provide full salary to the candidate and to relieve him/her to pursue the programme for its full duration.

2.8.3. Fulfillment of GATE requirement as in Sections 2.4.3 and 2.4.6 (but not as in Sections 2.3.6, 2.3.9 and 2.3.10) may be waived for such candidates. However, the sponsored candidates seeking admission to the M.Tech./M.Des./M.S. by Research programme who have not qualified GATE will be called for interview and may in addition be asked to take a written test.


2.9. Admission to Part-Time Programmes

2.9.1. The Institute also offers part-time postgraduate programmes leading to the M.Tech./M.S. by Research/Ph.D. degrees for professionally employed personnel such as working engineers, scientists and teachers who can, while employed, attend regular classes as per schedule of the Institute. These students will have to give an undertaking endorsed by their employers that they will be attending all classes. The course instructors will have to maintain the attendance record of all part-time students in their courses.

2.9.2. The applicant must be an employee of a recognized organization with at least two years of service at the time of admission and be engaged in professional work in the area to which admission is sought. An application for the part-time studies forwarded by the employer should be sent to the Convener, DPGC of the department concerned.

2.9.3. Fulfillment of GATE requirement as in Sections 2.4.3 and 2.4.6 (but not as in Sections 2.3.6, 2.3.9 and 2.3.10) may be waived for such candidates. This is also applicable to the part-time candidates seeking admission to the M.S. by Research programme, who are employees of IIT Kanpur (project or regular) with an appointment and support for at least one year from the date of admission. However, the part-time candidates seeking admission to the M.Tech./M.S. by Research programme, who have not qualified GATE, will be called for interview and may in addition be asked to take a written test.

2.9.4. For an employee of IIT Kanpur (project or regular) with a valid GATE score at the time of seeking admission for part-time M.Tech./M.S. by Research program, the requirement of two years of service may be waived.


2.10. Admission of Non-Degree Students

2.10.1. A non-degree student is a student who is registered for a degree in a recognized institute or university in India or abroad, and who is officially sponsored by that institute or university to complete part of his/her academic requirements at I.I.T. Kanpur. For that purpose the non-degree student may carry out research or take courses for credit or otherwise or may use other academic facilities. However, any credits earned by a non-degree student cannot be applied for any degree programme at I.I.T. Kanpur at any time.

2.10.2. A candidate will be admitted as a non-degree student on a duly sponsored application to the Dean of Academic Affairs who will recommend admission on the advice of DPGC and SPGC to the Chairman Senate for approval. The strength of non-degree students in any programme should not be more than 5% of the programme strength.

2.10.3. Students so admitted will be governed by all rules, regulations and discipline of the Institute.


The above information is available in PG Manual.
For specific queries on the postgraduate program in Aerospace Engineering, please contact:

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