Propulsion Lab

The Propulsion Lab of the Aerospace Engineering Dept. of IIT Kanpur is well known for Research in the area of Propulsion and combustion. The lab has completed a number of sponsored and consultancy projects for different agencies.

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The lab has all research level facilities. The lab is equipped with Low Speed Cascade Tunnel (30 cm x 38 cm) with variable speed upto 60 m/sec, Tunnel (7cm x 7 cm ) for LDA facility where jet mixing studies and flow visualization can be carried out. The lab also houses a 2- shaft Gas Turbine where Power, Torque, Pressure, Temperature measurement and cycle analysis can be performed. The Lab is equipped with a continuous combustion Unit where heat balance studies, exhaust gas composition, effect of fuel and flame stability test can be performed.Since the modern laboratory practices require automation, an on-line data acquisition on computers for all wind tunnel operation and measurement, new instruments, techniques and facilities are also being added to the lab. 

 Internal Flow Control (Active & Passive) (S-Ducts, Serpentine Ducts, Cascades)

  • Secondary Flow

  • Separation

Flow Diagnostics

  • Combustors

  • Pipe flow


  • Compressors (surge and rotating stall)

  • Secondary Flow

  • Flutter

Thrust VectoringCombustion

  • Diagnostics

  • Instability

  • Emissions

Liquid Atomization and Spray Combustion

  • Air-assisted, air-blast, effervescent, electrostatic, piezo-electric

Electric Propulsion

  • Pulsed Plasma Thruster


  • Low Speed Cascade Wind Tunnel

  • 2-Shaft Gas Turbine

  • Continuous Combustion Unit

  • Tunnel (7cm x 7cm) for LDA Facility

  • Gaseous Fuel Combustion Test Rig

  • Dump Combustor With Optical Windows

  • Test Bench For Characterization of Fuel Atomizers


  • High Resolution CCD Camera for Flow Visualization
  • Mini-CTA hot wire Annemometer
  • Malvern Spraytech Particle Size Analyzer
  • Chemiluminescence NOx Gas Analyzer
  • NDIR CO/CO2 Gas Analyzer
  • Paramagnetic O2 Gas Analyzer
  • Pressure Scanner
  • Pulse Generator


Prof. D.P. Mishra - Combustion, CFD of Chemically Reacting Flows, Propulsion
Dr. A. Kushari - Combustion, Propulsion
Dr. A. De - Computational combustion
For further information, Please contact
 Dr. A. Kushari
Propulsion Laboratory
Department of Aerospace Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology
Kanpur - 208 016 (UP)
Phone Numbers
Off: +91 (512) 259-7126
Lab: +91 (512) 259-7851
Fax: +91 (512) 259-7561
E-mail - akushari(at)

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