Research Areas



  • Experimental Aerodynamics

  • CFD and High performance computing

  • Transition and Turbulence

  • Hypersonic Aerodynamics

  • Microfluidics

  • Acoustics

  • Wind energy and design

  • Fluid-Structure interactions


Low Speed Aerodynamics Laboratory

  • Unsteady aerodynamics, high – α aerodynamics

  • Flow control on airfoils, wings, and other bodies

  • Bluff body flows

  • Vortex dynamics

  • Decelerator aerodynamics

  • Transition & turbulence

  • Jets



High Speed Aerodynamics Laboratory

  • Gas Dynamics - experimental and theoretical investigation

  • Rarefied flows

  • Applied Gas Dynamics and High speed jets

  • Sudden expansion problems

  • Active and passive control of jets and base flows

  • Supersonic, Transonic and subsonic Aerodynamics



Flight Laboratory

  • Parameter Identification

  • Design and Control

  • Space Dynamics

  • Missile Guidance and Control

  • Flight testing

  • Unmanned and Autonomous Air Vehicles (UAV)

  • Development and validation of aerodynamic parameter estimation techniques using flight data

  • High angle of attack aerodynamics

  • Estimation of concentration of trace gases and pollutants

  • Validation and calibration of IMU’s

  • GPS Receiver Testing, GPS/INS Navigation



National Wind Tunnel Facility

  • Decelerator Aerodynamics

  • Development of High Lift Devices

  • Unsteady and High Angle of Attack Aerodynamics

  • Transport Aircraft Studies Including Development of Airfoils

  • Missile Aerodynamics

  • Helicopter Aerodynamics

  • Aerodynamics of Road Vehicle

  • Wind Effect on Structures

  • Aerodynamics of Wind Power Devices

  • Bridge Aerodynamics



High Performance Computing Laboratory

  • Transition & Turbulence

  • Unsteady Aerodynamics

  • Bluff Body Flows

  • Flow control

  • Scientific Computing, CFD and Numerical Methods

  • Theoretical Fluid Mechanics: Scientific Computing



Structural Analysis Laboratory

  • Computational Aeroelasticity, dynamics and vibration, mini-helicopter design and fabrication

  • Stochastic analysis, design and analysis of fastener systems (for Indian Railways)

  • Smart structure modeling and analysis

  • Composite structure analysis and design, homogenization, generalized damage mechanics.


Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

  • Stabilized finite element methods

  • Unsteady aerodynamics

  • Laminar separation bubbles on airfoils,

  • Shape optimization of airfoils

  • Linear stability analysis

  • Buzz instability in air intakes

  • Aerodynamics of sport balls and shuttle cock

  • Bluff body flows

  • Fluid-Structure Interactions

  • High performance computing



  • Experimental and computational Combustion

  • Emissions

  • Intake Aerodynamics

  • Internal Flow Control (Active & Passive)

  • Flow Diagnostics

  • Turbo machinery

  • Thrust vectoring

  • Electric propulsion

  • Liquid atomization and spray combustion


Unsteady Aerodynamics Laboratory

  • Experimental study on compressible vortex rings: Flow velocity measurements in circular and non-circular vortex rings using Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV), Time-Resolved PIV (TRPIV) and Hotwire. Flow visualization using high speed Schlieren system in supersonic flow.

  • Aeroacoustics of supersonic vortices during evolution and interaction.

  • Impinging jet flow studies for GSLV MK-III. Flow and acoustic field during initial startup, interaction with the reflected shock and interaction with the deflector.

Combustion Lab, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Kanpur
Gelled Jet A1 Propellant Spray Combustion

  • Scope of Studies

  • Develop and characterize Jet A1 based gelled propellant formulation

  • Achieve atomization of highly viscous non-Newtonian gel propellant in an air-assist atomizer

  • Unravel breakup mechanisms and spray characteristics

  • Discover distinguishing features of gel propellant spray flames


Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory

  • Design and fabrication of MAVs/UAVs

    • Hover capable VTOL/STOL vehicles

  • Development of NAAVIK (Navigation for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles by IIT Kanpur)

    • Cross platform auto-pilot system for fully autonomous indoor and outdoor navigation for UAVs/MAVS

  • Helicopter Aeromechanics

  • Helicopter inverse simulation for loads prediction

  • Morphing rotor concept

  • Geometrically exact beam formulation

  • Comprehensive analysis for helicopter design

  • Vertical Axis wind turbine design for urban application


New Research Initiatives

  • ACECOST program for composite materials and structures

  • NP-MICAV program for autonomous vehicles: fixed wing, flapping wing and rotary wing configurations

  • GATET Program - gas turbine aeroelasticity

  • Advanced computational fluid dynamics

  • In-flight simulation with variable stability aircraft

  • Aero-acoustics, aeroelasticity and aero-servo-elasticity

  • Hypersonics

  • Combustion and fire dynamics

  • Damage and fracture mechanics

  • Shell and missile dynamics

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