Project NAAVIK (Navigation for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles by IIT Kanpur)

NAAVIK aims to be an open source cross platform / vehicle autopilot project meant for UAV / MAV applications. NAAVIK has already been tested on fixed wing, flapping wing, quadrotor, coaxial and conventional helicopter platforms for fully autonomous flight. It offers wide range of features such as: autonomous loiter at given height, autonomous height hold and hover position hold, auto landing and way point navigation capabilities.




Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory @ IIT Kanpur

This activity is a joint effort of VTOL and MAV Laboratory  and Intelligent Guidance and Control Laborary (IGCL) @IIT Kanpur. Check out the video on the right for autonomous flight of mini helicopter and quadrotor.

Research Activities

  • Helicopter dynamics and aeroelasticity

  • Inverse flight dynamics for helicopters

  • Helicopter and UAS design

  • Design and analysis of hover capable MAVs and UAVs

  • Futuristic VTOL/STOL systems

  • Air Taxi and Personal Air Vehicle

  • Design of High efficiency wind turbines

Group websites:


  • Micro/ Mini / Nano Air Vehicles (MAV), Autonomous systems, VTOL




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Welcome Video



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