The following candidates have been offered admission in MS(Research) programme in the department of Aerospace Engineering.


Reference No. Name
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021024114 Apurv Gaurav Nandy
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021005876 Arathy Anilkumar Nair
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021003505 Harshal Vitthal Joshi
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021021592 Kundan Kumar Singh
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021013001 Naman Verma
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021009208 Narne Prudhvi
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021007340 Ritu Raj Kumar
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021009559 Rohit Mattu
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021020659 Sandeep Mohan Nayak
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021008559 Shivam Rai
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021016231 Shubhanshu Gupta
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021014935 Siddharth S
IITKPG1\MS\AE\2021011582 Subodh Krishnarao Patil
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