German Summer Intensive Course for Beginners

(run under Language Program)

17 May 2021 to 16 July 2021

Mode: online (Google Meet), Days: Monday to Friday, Timing: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Deepa Anandh
Teaches Level 1 & Level 2
Teaching Level 1 since 2011 & Level 2 since 2012.
Language course from Volkshochschule, Stuttgart, Germany and Goethe Institut, (Max Mueller Bhavan)Pune, India.
Teacher's Training done from Goethe Institute, Pune, India.

Course Objective

Vocabulary to handle simple daily situations.

Able to converse in German language in day to day situations (i.e. manage in Germany in shops, registration office, restaurants, public transport etc.). This involves both comprehension of words and sentences spoken with traditional German accent and expressing oneself in German which can be comprehended by a resident of Germany.

Have a written German ability such that one can write about oneself and others, about own city filling of forms etc.). This involves the formation of short and medium length sentences with correct grammar.

Text Book: Netzwek-A1 Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Klett-Langenscheidt Verlag

Reference books: Starten Wir A1 – Hueber Verlag and Tangram Aktuell A1

Audio and video:
Netzwerk audio comprehension files and short films
Short Videos on youtube related to language and culture

Course Content

Topics and Vocabulary Grammar
Introductions – inc. greetings, saying how you are, where you come from, where you live, what you do, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, marital status etc. Basic question and answers, Verb system and Personal pronouns
Hobbys, going out with friends, speak about profession and work, seasons and related sport activities Article system, sentence structure,position of verb, nouns and plural forms
City and important places, mode of transport, information about places of interest, navigate oneself in a city, cultural events Usage of articles, imperative
Revision and Test
Shopping in the supermarket, food and related topics Position of verb and sentence structure, Akkusativ
Time, time statements, Family, Telephone conversation, daily routine Temporal prepositions, possessivarticles, modal verbs
Plan with friends, sending invitation and answering one, conversation in restaurant, understanding important information from texts Seperable verbs, Akkusativ personal pronoun, simple past tense of have and to be
Final exam written and oral

e-certificate will be issued to the candidates who will successfully complete the course.

Registration Procedure

Shortlisting Process: First come first serve basis.

1. Non IITK Student/ Others
Non IITK Student
Rs. 7,500/- (Including GST)
2. IITK Student/ Employee
IITK Student
Rs. 3,000/- (No GST Required)
3. IITK Ward
Rs. 3,540/- (Including GST)

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Course Code 22/04
Course Title GERMAN-1
Course Duration 17/05/2021 to 16/07/3021
Participants Category
Course Fees + 18% GST
IITK Students need to pay only course FEE
Non IITK Student/Others(Rs. 7,500/-)
IITK Student (Rs. 3,000/-)
Others (3,540/-)

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Contact Person

Mr. Vinay Kumar
Centre for Continuing Education IIT Kanpur
Phone: 0512-259-7795, 8009888057

Mr. Yogendra Singh
Centre for Continuing Education IIT Kanpur
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