Engineering is all about experimenting, exploring and discovering, and Shubhendu has lived that adage to a T before finding his anchor in the Center for Developing Intelligent Systems at IIT Kanpur.

From a wide variety of business roles in his earliest assignment in the e-commerce space (wherein he also played the role of SPOC to deal with e-com giants such as Amazon and Flipkart), he has traversed through eclectic areas such as doing research for Mehta Equities, to Assistant Directorship of a short film (which went on to win a number of international awards), to dabbling in international marketing (in California and Michigan), recruitment and advisory, to learning from Stanford’s Code in Place class (2021) while pursuing Andrew Ng’s courses on AI and ML, to finally finding a role that promises to change the world for the better!

Shubhendu believes that curiosity and smart work can work wonders on an open learner’s mind.

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Cell: 8826979563